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What I'm doing here

Pardon my dust! We're still UNDER CONSTRUCTION!  When it's done, Crazed Fanboy dotcom will be a Tampa, Florida-based source for low-budget, independently-produced movies, comics, artwork and collectible memorabilia, all produced primarily--but not exclusively--locally. While there are many like-minded, fantastic sites out there on the web, what I'm showcasing is produced solely by long-time fans of different genres, mostly, but not exclusively, here in the Tampa Bay area.

This is my primary goal and the purpose in Crazed Fanboy: to create an artistic, expressive outlet for myself and for so many talented people I know, who deserve to be seen and heard. You're witnessing the planting of a small seed that I'm hopeful will grow into a mighty oak. OK, that's the only cliché I intend to interject.

While all this is going on, I also plan to indulge my long-standing fascination with our strange world: UFOs, cryptozoolgy, mysterious monuments, historical ambiguities, ghost hunting and, perhaps, even psychic phenomenon. Equal time will always be given to scientific research and skeptical thought as I--as we all--search for the truth--which we know is "out there".

Despite the name of my site, there's no gender bias here. In the early days of comics/sci-fi/horror fandom, a "crazed fanboy" usually referred to a compulsive memorabilia collector and trivia memorizer--like that's a bad thing---and they were almost exclusively male. A lot has changed since then. There are many more "fangirls" out there and that's a great thing. But I haven't changed much. So "crazed fanboy" refers to me, mostly...and my nutty friends.

I'm a part-time television and video producer with frequent forays into public access television where I check out all these topics on an irregularly scheduled series called "The World of Nolan". I will be chronicling all these episodes here as well as endeavoring to make them available to you. I'm also producing an anthology horror series that's under development.

Thanks for your interest, please keep checking back! For now, while I'm busy with construction, and to get us better aquainted, check out some of the links below to see my previous homepages and those of some friends. longer in businesscustom vampire fangs!The talent from Texas

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