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I think that the following movie deserves an
HONORABLE MENTION: SHOCKWAVES(1975)-Creepy little film about Nazi corpses which were super-soilders in WWII. Peter Cushing is excellent and the atmosphere is very unnerving. I believe it was filmed in Florida somewhere.
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Mike's Rant
Matt's Rail
   Howdy gang!  Hope everyone had a great week.  A few notes, MY favorite horror films and I'm pissed again!  Enjoy.
    A big shout out to the one and only SAG, Scott A. Gilbert, and thanks for validating even more the contributions the Bee Gees made to our lives.  I remember indeed the aforementioned car, as well as your Honda.  Since you read this every week, take the time and email me your address.  Christmas is coming and I want to get those cards out early!
   Kudos to Laure' and her top albums.  Quite a diverse list.  Obviously influenced by the ladies of rock - the Wilson sisters and Stevie Nicks - but great to see such artists as Billie Holliday and Robert Johnson.  Can't wait to see future lists from this gal.
    I would LOVE for the original HATS (Nolan, Matt, myself, Scott G, Scott V and Corey) to try to set some time aside in the upcoming year to get together.  I know we all have jobs and some of us have families, but we've GOT to find a week where we can just head home and hang out.  My calendar is clear. ( A Public Access special wouldn't be out of the question---N)
   A few celeb notes: Sad to report the passing of actor David Dukes.  Dukes died from an apparent heart attack while on location filming the Stephen King based mini-series "Rose Red."  If I'm not mistaken, Dukes was one of the celebrities at the recent Broadway Flea Market giving his time for a worthy cause.  Dukes had assembled quite a theatrical resume' and was most recently seen on "Dawson's Creek."  His most infamous role, for which he still received hate stares years after the series ended, was as Edith Bunker's would-be rapist on "All in the Family." (Oooh, I remember that guy now!---N)
       Once again "Love is All Right" in the Springfield household.  Rick Springfield's wife, apparently agreeing with his claim that "I've Done Everything For You," declined to press charges against him after her sister called police to their home and told them he had hit her.  Apparently she did not heed his request to "Don't Talk to Strangers" and he got jealous over a phone call she had received.  Jessie's girl could not be reached for comment.
       The remaining Doors (Ray Manzarek, John Densmore and Robbie Krieger) have joined up with such bands as Aerosmith and Creed to record a DOORS tribute album.  The disc will feature current bands playing along with the three remaining band members.  Having last seen Krieger playing in Chachi's band on a repeat of "Joanie Loves Chachi," I can only see this as a step up.  The album highlight will be a "duet" between John Lee Hooker and Jim Morrison, using the same technology that allowed Hank Williams Jr and Natalie Cole to sing along with their famous fathers.  Morrison could not be reached for comment. (Well, he could, but you need LSD for that!---N)
       As the general election approaches, it is time once again for the political ads to begin telling us how terrible the candidates are.  In watching tapes of earlier election commercials, I noticed that they were about WHAT the candidate was going to do, not about how bad the other guy was.  The first major election I can remember was 1972, when I helped get George McGovern elected president in our school's mock election.  That year, McGovern chose Missouri senator Tom Eagleton to be his running mate.  After the announcement was made, it was discovered that early in his life Eagleton had undergone psychiatric treatment.  This was blown so far out of proportion that he withdrew from the election.  But that is tame compared to what is going on today.  Maybe Al Gore didn't invent the internet.  Maybe he wasn't the inspiration for the Ryan O'Neal character in "Love Story" (author Eric Segal says that the character was a combination of Gore and his college roommate Tommy Lee Jones)  
      And before I get called a liberal, let me say that maybe George Bush has done a good job with the state of Texas.  But instead of convincing the public how good they are, they spend their time trying to prove how bad the other guy is.  If these guys were liars, cheaters and worse would they even be running for office?  And I'm tired of people coming forward with terrible "crimes" that supposedly took place years ago.  Why is it so terrible now when you didn't do a thing about it years ago?  From Clarence Thomas to Bill Clinton, it's amazing how these people seem to just "come forward" with their claims.  And true or not, these people now have to divert from their message and defend themselves.  If they don't address them, they are trying to "avoid the issues."  As Scott Gilbert once wrote me, they are "stuck between a hard place and Ted Kennedy's head!"  Let me point out that I'm not trivializing these incidents.  I'm just asking why it wasn't important enough to bring up until these people hit the spotlight.   Dare I think about running for public office, when I know that somewhere there might be someone I may have pissed off?  God forbid there is a woman out there I may not have called or someone I borrowed lunch money from and never paid back.  Thank God these things only happen every four years.  I'd go insane if they were more frequent.
    Before I list my favorite horror films, let me say that my definition of horror may be different then yours.  To me, a horror film is one that makes you pull your knees up to your chest, your heart beat faster and your pulse quicken.  To others, it may be people getting their heads cut off, with blood flowing everywhere.  To others still, it may be Elizabeth Berkley dancing topless in Vegas...............oops, that's a HORRIBLE film!  Anyway, in no special order, here are my picks:
JAWS- Duh!  I'd probably pick this as my favorite musical if asked.  However, it fits my criteria.  In fact, I judge other films by how many "Jaws" moments it has.
CARRIE- Sorry, Terence.  I admit this film loses a lot when viewed on a television.  However, on the big screen, it did the trick.  I remember ushering opening night at Twin Bays and having a lady pass out at the end.  She just rolled out of her chair into the aisle.  While I didn't react that dramatically, it still was a shocker.  Classic DePalma before he started imitating himself imitating Hitchcock.  As the SNL trailer for "The Clams" stated, "Once a year Brian DePalma picks the bones of a dead director and gives his wife a job!"
THE EXORCIST- I'll admit that during this recent reissue I found that the film did drag a little.  However, it still delivers.
ALIEN-  Another film that had me gripping the armrests, despite Ben Gregory ruining the "chest burster" scene by announcing it before it happened.  Dark and claustrophobic, it captures everyone's fear of what's waiting for us around the corner.
ARACHNAPHOBIA-  Anyone who knows me knows my major fear of spiders.  If Roland Rio had a pet spider with him he may have saved himself a trip down the stairs.  I was like a six year old watching this film...........my feet up off the floor, my eyes darting around looking for anything with more then six legs!
HALLOWEEN- A true original!  Often imitated (including by John Carpenter himself), this is the bogeyman film to beat all. (A dark first: you and Terence agree! This is getting scary...let's try and watch that!  (Altho, I'm sure he forgives you for "Carrie" now.---N)
SILENCE OF THE LAMBS-  I saw this movie 5 months before it opened (Orion delayed the release because "Dances With Wolves" was doing so well) and spent that time trying to explain it to anyone who would listen.  Anthony Hopkins in the role of his life and Jodie Foster before she went mad!  I'm counting the days until "Hannibal". (I can wait....seen the lackluster trailer?---N)
SUSPIRA-  an Italian film that came out in the late 70's, directed by Dario Argento.  Quite gory for it's time, and packed with jump-inducing scenes. (Of course, even scarier is that you and Terence agree on TWO things!---N)
TALES FROM THE CRYPT- I saw this as a youngster while visiting my grandfather.  So scary that, even though I haven't seen it in over 25 years, I can still recite verbatim a poem that accompanied a bloody heart that was left as a message.
CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE-  OK, not all that scary, but not bad for a cheapie that was shown as a double feature with "Horror of Party Beach."  Also the first film appearance of acting fave Roy Scheider.  Well gang, that's it for now.  Have a great week!  (Jeezis, another movie I haven't heard of! I got to get my ass in gear. Great list Mike! ---Nolan.)
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Readers, Nolan here!  My computer has been down most of this week due to severe damage to the Window's system files. I've been editing this page in pieces on friend's and family's computers, which is devilishly slow. "Matt's Rail" is in, but is delayed in posting, due to this. I need my own computer to spend time in editing and re-sizing and stuff. I apologize to all for this delay, but it can't be helped. Hopefully, by Thursday or Friday night, I'll be back online. Thanks for your patience and patronage. ---Nolan B. Canova
P.S. If I run any later, I'll run a short recap of everyone's lists in next week's PCR.
Notice to Readers: (10-22-00)  My online computer situation was resolved just this past Sunday night (22nd)--and then only somewhat. It was so late in the publishing cycle,  I decided to publish Matt's Top 10 list in the new issue (#31), as the front page story. With apologies to Mr. Drinnenberg for being unable to upload his list this issue, I am hopeful he's OK with the new arrangment. Hopefully, it'll be a long time before I have a week like this again!---Nolan.
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