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PCR #140. (Vol. 3, No. 48) This edition is for the week of November 25--December 1, 2002.
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Hello, gang! Earlier this week, Nolan and I had a very lengthy, middle of the night, conversation that is still fresh in my mind. As Thanksgiving is upon us, I am going to dispense with the usual news and notes and share what I am most thankful for.

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Friends. Everyone has friends.

The guy at work, he's your friend. The neighbors, they're your friends. The guys you play ball with, then celebrate your wins at the local bar, they're your friends. But are they your FRIENDS?

Over the years I have truly learned the difference. A friend will tell you they are sorry when your house burns down. A FRIEND will take you home with him and make sure you have a place to stay. A friend wishes you well over the holidays. A FRIEND makes sure you spend the holiday with him and his family.

While planning dinner for my son and I this week, I thought back to more then 20 years ago when Matt's mom and dad invited both Nolan and myself over for Thanksgiving dinner. I don't remember what we ate or what we talked about. I only remember the feeling that I was truly among people who loved me.

For many years, Thanksgiving was just another Thursday for me. I'd volunteer to work on that day when the situation called for it. I would often turn down offers to have dinner with others, not wanting to impose. But recently, I've begun to understand the significance of the day. I now work only when necessary, but not all day. I take the time to shop days before and prepare a pretty nice feast for my son and me. And, of course, I enjoy the many days of leftovers that the feast provides. But most of all, I take the time to thank God for my family and friends. Because without them, I certainly wouldn't be here today writing this.

Have a great holiday and may God bless us all!

That's it for now. See ya next week!

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