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PCR #166  (Vol. 4, No. 22)  This edition is for the week of May 26--June 1, 2003.

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Number four -- Like quadrophenia, man...

Creature's Corner

Greetings from the Castle:
I do hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine, of course, was extremely busy as I tried (and succeeded) to finish princial photography on my short movie entitled "Permanent Job." (Referenced also this week by Ashley Lauren.--N) Needless to say the cast and crew gave me their all and I really appreciate it more than I could ever show. It took four days to wrap up and now we'll go sort it all out in the editing room starting next week. Everyone did a great job and I look forward to working with them again. I will give more details of the trials and tribulations over the next couple of weeks. I should just about finish in time to start the second movie in late June entitles "The Phone Call." When the two are packaged up I'll probably give Nolan a shot at selling it.

By the way, I did see the "Matrix" on Wednesday and thought it was a very good movie. I was happy to see Anthony Zerbe on the cast. Who could forget his memorable performance as Mathias, leader of the vampiric population in the movie "The Omega Man," starring Charlton Heston. Anyway, the movie was good and the effects were breathtaking. Go see it.

On to other news. Supergirl just wrapped up her most recent run with issue # 80. The whole series was written by Peter David and featured many plot twists and surprises over it's nearly seven year run. Leave it to David to end it with a bang as the Supergirl from pre-Crisis days joins the cast for the final six issues. Not wanting to be left out, even the Spectre joins in though he bears no good news at all. If you get a chance to pick up the trade paperback (or the original issues), do so. It is a great story that will leave the reader with many mixed emotions.

I could expound a little about the events leading to the end of Supergirl's long run but one of the shadowdwellers informed me that this ending is really just a beginning. After six months of dealing with two Supergirls (and that ain't a bad thing) another Supergirl has appeared on the scene. It all started several moths ago when DC Comics released "Superman: the ten-cent adventure". I bought several copies, though many of my friends turned it down. It was nice to see a well done book for a dime again. (DC also put out a 10-cent Batman, Marvel a 9-cent Fantastic Four, and Wildstorm a 13-cent Gen 13 comic). Anyway, the story starts out with Superman fighting some guy called Amok who has been empowered by the Futuresmiths (any relation to Dr. Smith? I doubt it.) to take on Superman. The fight is tough and just before Supes can wrap it up, PLOP, the guy disappears. He is carrying a strand of Superman's hair which they take. He is then transported back to earth with more power to destroy the man of steel. He fails. Anyway, at the very end, in the last panel, a girl steps out of some creation chamber. They inform her that she is Cir-El, Supergirl.

Come forward nearly three months with the release of Superman # 192. Cir-El makes her grand appearance on earth and causing quite a commotion as she informs everyone that she is Superman's daughter. So run out and pick up this story line 'cause the fun is just beginning.

Well that wraps up another week of craziness around the castle. From all the Denizens of Creature's Castle I bid you a good week. I plan on going to Renegade Film's Saints and Sinners festival so hopefully I will see some of you there. C-Ya!!!!!!!!!!!

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