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PCR #167  (Vol. 4, No. 23)  This edition is for the week of June 2--8, 2003.

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Creature's Corner

Hey Gang:
I hope this makes it to PCR before Nolan puts it to bed (Congratulations!---Nolan). I've been gone all weekend (more about that next week) and I just got back late Wednesday night. I was going to sleep, but those who watch me from darkened corners persuaded me to write something, so here it is.

I attended the Saints and Sinners Film Festival Saturday and spent some time watching movies, meeting others, and chatting with Nolan on several occasions. I didn't get there until 7 P. M. so I missed the first couple movies. I did, however, watch everything from the time I walked in. Here's the lineup and here's what I thought:

1. Shelly (a skateboarding video). The photography was good and this piece showed several skateboarders and their techniques. There were some gripping moments but with hardly any dialogue it was hard to truly get into the movie. Overall, I think the boy who made the movie did a very good job though I think he should have added a narrator to explain the various skateboarder's techniques.
2. Skippy Lightfoot's Perfect Day. I loved it. I think the idea of rubbing the spilled milk off the couch and summoning a Genie was hilariously original.
3. Til Death Do Us Part. This movie was certainly odd but held my interest.
4. The Final Round. It had a good look to it but the story didn't really grab me.
5. Super Jack. All I can say is,"What comes around, goes around." The story was interesting and the ending was real good. I liked it.
6. An Eye For An Eye. What can I say I love Zombie movies. The look of this movie is good and it actually pulled off a slightly tense moment successfully. The only problem is that too many things that were said seemed to relate back to Romero's classic Trilogy. It was fun though and I truly enjoyed it. I only wish we had been given some brains to snack on while watching it!
7. Aaron Brockovich. This movie with its play on words title was both funny and enjoyable.
8. Date or Disaster. I choose disaster! Though this movie had some very funny moments it lost its focus. If it was cut down by about fifteen minutes it would have been a very funny outing indeed.
9. My Skin. Very thought provoking with good acting. There was almost no action in this spooky tale but it was not needed. I liked it, good and Creepy!!!
10. Filthy. My hats off to Andy Lalino. I liked this one from beginning to end. The story moved at a very good pace and paid homage to several shock flicks of the past. Though not the most original of ideas, the look, feel, and texture of the film were just right. This is the film Rob Zombie's movie should have been. I think the length was just right for this type of story. Good job Andy.
11. The Web Of Darkness. I have been waiting to see this movie for over two years, ever since I first heard about it. I actually saw a trailer for it last year. What a let down. The movie was too long with little focus. I know the cast and crew put some hard work into this one but the payoff is just not there. The best part was the ending. No! Not because it was over. A vampire falls in a pool of holy water. He comes up out of the water tearing the skin from his face. A very cool moment indeed. The scene is worth seeing.


1. Planet Of The Apes (the original).
2. Tremors. I cosider this one of the best "Monster Movies" of the modern age.
3. Dawn Of The Dead.
4. Halloween: "The Night He Came Home."
5. Godzilla (again, the original).
6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
7. Return Of the Living Dead.
8. Evil Dead.
9. Army of Darkness.
10. Night Of The Living Dead (the original).

Well there you have it, my list. Next week: more comics, movies, and my trip. Those in the shadows want me to turn off the lights. C-Ya!!!

P. S. Ashley has called me three times from Europe. She's having a great time and will be back next week. Have a Great Week Everyone!!!

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