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The Wisdom of Sir Charles (aka Matt's Sports Implosion)
Possibly a decade ago, or even longer, then basketball phenom Charles Barkley of the Philadelphia 76rs incensed most people in this nation when he said that not only was he not a role model, but he had no desire to be one. Further, he lamented that athletes should never be considered role models, and that Teachers, Doctors, and mostly "parents" should be role models for our youth.

Today that doesn't seem like such a brash statement, but only because so many famous athlete's today act like a bunch of idiots who only have their college degree because they could shoot the basketball, throw a football, or hit a baseball.  A lot of them have no concept of how to put a sentence together, let alone act like a responsible adult.

Almost a year ago, I lambasted NBA "Star" Allan Iverson, who was crying like a wuss because his coach had a problem with him blowing off practice.  It pretty much had gotten to the point to where Coach Larry Brown never knew if he was going to show or not. You don't have to be a sports fan, or even casual observer, to understand when a group of people are going for a goal, the best method is by everyone working together to achieve that goal.  Distractions are the last thing you need when staying focused is the name of the game.

This year, the 76rs were again in the playoffs going for a championship. It was game 6, and Philly was down 3 games to 2 in a best of seven series. You would think that would mean something to everyone who had a personal stake in it.  Not to Iverson, who for some reason decided to wait until right before tip off (when the game starts) to show up at the arena. Not only was his coach incensed, but his team-mates, who count on his as a team leader because of his talent, were deeply affected. The fact he had no reason for it was the stake driven thru their proverbial heart.

For the patient Coach Brown, last season was a flirtation with going elsewhere, as he was slowly stewed over his star players immaturity and idiocy. Iverson's response then was "Hey,,,we're talking about missing practice.  PRACTICE!!!"  That's right, you stupid moron. Practice. That's where everybody...EVERYBODY...on the team get's together to build cohesiveness, improving your chances to win.

This year, the seemingly moronic wonder boy (A.I. as he is called) decided to pull his stunt on the most important day of the teams season, prompting Coach Brown to say, in essence, he's had enough and, to phrase Judas Priest, is "Heading out to the Highway".

I'm not suprised at all by Brown leaving Philly.  He's a man who believes in responsibility, and he's had to struggle with a man who thinks like an infant and regards every situation by what "he" thinks about it, not for what it means to the team.  Just like blowing off practice....Just like showing up just before game time in the most crucial game of the season.

Many of you probably missed the game. Some of you saw it.  The Sixers were so flat and deflated it was disgusting. His assinine antics finally caught up with him. He totally let his team, coach, owner, fans, and city down completely, showing he is nothing other than a punk and an insult to the "team" concept.

This brings me back to Sir Charles, whose comments about athletes not deserving to be role models now seems downright prophetic. It's not just A.I., either. There are representatives of selfishness in every sport. Randy Moss for the Vikings comes to mind.  He's the one who last year said he played when he wanted to, and fulfilled it on-field, refusing to run the play if it didn't involve him, costing his team greatly in wins and chemistry.  Did he care? Maybe about himself.  Clearly not about his teammates.

I don't know...maybe what it all boils down to is Barkley was wrong!  These non-thinking boobs, in a way, are excellent role models...for how to act like a stupid ass. Hopefully, your kids are taking the right example out of this and won't embarrass themselves like the ridiculously dumb athletes of today.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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