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From The PitAdventures in Radio, Time and Space!
POSTED BY TERENCE NUZUM, January 27, 2012    Share

Those of you wanting immediate changes to the site might be a bit disappointed. But even though you can't see them, changes are taking place within Crazedfanboy. So over time, you will gradually notice the changes as everything is up and running and in order. I have been working closely with Nolan so that my new designs and features can be quickly finished while at the same time not half-assed. It takes time, folks. We all have day jobs and lives...bear with me because as we speak as of this Friday we have some awesome new features and updates for you.

Into The Fringe now has a new episode. Sorry for missing December, but with the holidays gone and bugs worked out it will now be a monthly podcast. I promise! This month's episode covers the Kecksburg UFO incident. I apologize ahead of time for some not-so-smooth edits, but there was an unforseen technical difficulty, I hope it won't detract from an informative and good episode.

Finally, after all the long and hard wait and work the Doctor Who Review Database is live and online! This database is written solely by yours truly and will be a labor of love for my favorite TV show of all time. Hope all the Doctor Who fans out there enjoy it. The debut episode from 1963, An Unearthly Child, is now the current review and available for your consumption.

And, of course, let's not forget the columns, the original backbone of Crazedfanboy. Vinnie Blesi and Jason Fetters are both owed thanks for producing fine columns these past weeks. The current "Death By Culture" covers some of Vinnie's unfinished column fragments (kinda an outtakes special) and Jason's "Asian Aperture" reviews a Japanese food festival that hosts some truly authentic dishes.

That's all for this month, sheep, but of course, I can't leave you without a cliffhanger, so look out in February for a new monthly format for Radioactive Television, one that will tie in with Schlockorama and introduce a surprise that will carry RATV into a realm that no other local website is currently doing. But for now, enjoy the current updates and new features and...to hell with you all!

"From The Pit" is ©2012 by Terence Nuzum. All contents of Crazed Fanboy are ©2012 by Nolan B. Canova and Terence Nuzum.

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