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The Asian ApertureChuyện Těnh Xa Xứ (Passport to Love)
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, November 18, 2012    Share

What to do when you have difficult decisions to make and there are no easy answers? You try you best and hope that it all works out.

That is the dilemma in this interesting romantic comedy.
The movie is narrated by fun loving Khang who hangs out in clubs all night to pick up ladies. His father wants him to run the family business in Saigon and straighten his life out. Khang lives to party, drink, and engage in casual sex, even at the expensive of missing an important company meeting. Khang best friend is the nerdy Hieu who idolizes Bill Gates and hopes to become a millionaire one day. He is true to his one love, his girlfriend, Thao, who is willing to do anything to help Hieu succeed. Both Khang and Hieu travel to American to study abroad.

Once set up in Orange County, CA, Khang is back to partying hard with college girls, despite no English language ability, he lucks out by meeting Vietnamese who understand him. He spends his time gambling in nearby Las Vegas while Hieu, ever the studious genius, studies hard. Hieu meets up with a family friend who introduces him to their young and beautiful daughter, Jennifer, who can’t speak Vietnamese well. Hieu becomes her tutor. At first Hieu is the good long distance boyfriend but soon falls with the American born, Jennifer.

Meanwhile, Khang gets busted with a DUI and can’t understand the English speaking cops, so the sexy and stern, Tiffany, acts as his interpreter. Khang is love struck by Tiffany and is shocked when Tiffany rejects his advances. She tells him that his money won’t help him now. So Khang quits college and is forced to find a job because his father has found out about his DUI and cuts off his funds. Khang finds work through Tiffany’s help and he makes the hardest decision of his life, he ends his freedom and is determined to remain loyal to Tiffany with no fooling around.

Hieu is having a hard time as well. He wants to be with Thao but Jennifer keeps calling. She really needs his help because her parents can’t understand her Vietnamese. Hieu is the nicest guy in the world so he doesn’t want to reject one for the other. As time goes on the problem gets so big that he is forced to deal with it.
Despite all these romantic problems, Passport to Love is a very funny movie and it touches on the issue of Vietnamese born in Vietnam and Vietnamese born in the US. Even with such serious subject matter, Director Victor Vu, doesn’t let his movie turn into a sob story that reduces his audience to cry babies, he adds humor at just the right places to keep it funny and realistic.

So if you want to experience an international romantic comedy then give Passport to Love a shot. I enjoyed it and I go out of my way to avoid romantic movies.

Highly Recommended
5 out of 5 Stars

"The Asian Aperture" is ©2012 by Jason Fetters. All contents of Crazed Fanboy are ©2012 by Nolan B. Canova and Terence Nuzum.

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