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Death By CultureDeconstruction/Reconstruction 2012
POSTED BY VINNIE BLESI, January 6, 2012    Share

"I am a loser taped to a toilet", words by uttered by Timothy Hutton, from the film "Serious Moonlight", as his wife, played by Meg Ryan, holds him hostage in this black comedy written by the late actress, writer and filmmaker Adrienne Shelly. Adrienne Shelly was at the top her game, fresh off the success of her romantic indie film, "The Waitress" when she was murdered in her NYC loft by a construction worker. Her final gift to us was the screenplay for "Serious Moonlight".

In "Serious Moonlight" we see the glimpse of greatness that Adrienne Shelly could of have achieved. "Serious Moonlight" received negative reviews, but it is a brilliant play that gives a dark glimpse into a woman's motivation to keep her husband from leaving her for a younger woman. The duct tape flies fast and furious especially to the detriment of Timothy Hutton's character. The final scene with Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton and Kirsten Bell (the girlfriend), all tied up in duct tape in the bathroom is a classic.


In the 1980's ep's and 12 inch singles were in vogue. You could get previously unreleased material as well as real remixes of songs, not just generic dance remixes that added a thumpa thumpa dance beat to the song.

Up and coming indie band Fanfarlo has released a digital single of their song, "Deconstruction", from their upcoming cd, "Rooms Filled With Light" which includes the remix, "Reconstruction". This is the best two dollars I have spent on music in a long time.

Track one is the actual single, which alone is worth the download, but their 14 minute remix is a pure pleasure to listen to. I was always a fan of 80's remix 12 inch singles, that died when every remix became a dance mix. Fanfarlo pays homage to real remixes with their "Reconstruction" mix. It reminds me of old Wire 12 inches and when 12 inch vinyl remixes brought us rare gems such as New Order's "Lonesome Tonight".

This brings me to the "Social Disintegration Network", where I postulate that social media is tearing apart the very integrity of our society. Families now text each other across the dinner table. Families no longer talk. The Android is aptly named. We should all just get a chip implanted in our forehead instead of paying for all this 4G bandwidth.

Welcome to "Death by Culture" 2012. It will be a fabulous year of deconstructing and reconstructing pop culture.

"Death By Culture" is ©2012 by Vinnie Blesi. All contents of Crazed Fanboy are ©2012 by Nolan B. Canova and Terence Nuzum.

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