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Death By CulturePoPpourri Fragments of unfinished columns.
POSTED BY VINNIE BLESI, January 18, 2012    Share

"A Strange Frequency from Lakeland.
There is a strong energy emerging from Polk County in Central Florida, on a strange frequency. Bent instruments, noise, Ween, horror, dolls (and horror dolls) and swans merge into a paradoxical yet mystical energy."

"I lower my pants and bend over.
Oh, sorry, that is another story.
The drums assault my ears. the odd guitars increase my libido. the aural textures calm my ultra violet brain. The volume control does not go high enough. The sub woofer drives me to a mental climax. The nerve endings are excited and send happy signals to my lowly brain. I listen to the music and it makes me happy.
I see the visuals and i am entranced into a state of mindlessness. My psyche is transformed into a peaceful blissful realm, untouched by politics, hate, personal relationships, hardship, poverty. I see only blissful colors. Blissful colors that represent hope and a positive future.
Leave behind your negative feelings. your negative ideas. enjoy the future of goodness. And enjoy the colors of something greater than zero."

"Recently my laundry washer decided to not follow its programming, and insisted it must continue in its first cycle, agitate, agitate, AGITATE! Alas, the result was a laundry emergency!! Not only did I have to deal with a wet load of laundry, but after drying said laundry the lint was in force. No matter how I battled back with our lame lint technology, the lint brush, I could not get rid of the parasitic alien lint molecules that took over the outer membrane of my clothes."

"She teases me as usual. She is a half a world away. I learn that distance provides her the deniability of any emotional consequences. She withdraws from our conversation, as it is so easy with today's technology to ignore another human being. Is ignoring another human being right?
The impersonal text messages allow us to engage in a virtual Lord of the Flies scenario. The dominant chat masters destroy the weaker of the species. It is not in the real jungles, but in the jungles of the internet and chat wars. The strong popular alpha males dominate the virtual chat scene, just as they dominant the real world. The weak females bond with the strong virtual male based on his chats. The naive young women chatters are then fooled to believe the alpha males allegations. Truth be told the alpha males on the Internet are failed losers who can't get a date in reality. So they live their virtual macho lives online, fooling vulnerable young females who desperately want to connect to someone."

"The Digital Picture.
I remember the excited anticipation of waiting for the film from our Kodachrome camera to return from the drugstore, which at the time had a soda fountain, to see those wonderful Holiday or birthday photos. The excitement was better than the seeing of the photos; because most of the photos were blurry, over or under exposed. We still enjoyed the end product when we got those ghastly photos into our greasy little hands. There were no double prints. What you had was priceless and went into the family album. Usually, an embarrassing testament, forever bound into a binder, that would be shared with future girlfriends, nieces and nephews and any other guests to your parent's house.
The Polaroid Camera only confused things even more. Embarrassing photos could be immediately seen and shown to all. Unfortunately the demise of Polaroids came about because of Digital cameras, but the Polaroid was a great artistic tool. If the idiots at Polaroid had any vision they would realized that their cameras no longer had any value to the consumer, but to the artist I still feel the Polaroid is a viable medium."

"the sounds and video radiates my brain
while I am asleep
no longer cathode rays bombard this hollow vessel
but thousands of tiny lights pinprick my flesh
my brain follows the melodrama
my flesh follows the lust"

"Death By Culture" is ©2012 by Vinnie Blesi. All contents of Crazed Fanboy are ©2012 by Nolan B. Canova and Terence Nuzum.

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