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The Asian ApertureThe Last Days of the World (2011)
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, July 22, 2012    Share

It sounds like an essay question on a Freshman English exam, what would you do if the world would soon end? Some answer that they would do everything that they always wanted to and others would just stick to an ordinary life. For Kanou he just wants a way out of the system that he sees himself enslaved to.

Kanou is a high school student who envisions his life as follows: go to a university, become a company man, and take care of mom and dad. However, his whole life begins to unravel when he is barely awake in class and see a tiny middle aged man explain that he is God and that the world will end soon. At first his cynical nature dismisses such a silly notion. Then when he is walking to school a dog starts talking to him. Now he accepts it. Kanou is ready to live out every nerdís fantasy. He goes to school and asks out the prettiest girl in his class. Naturally her bullying jock boyfriend kicks him, he fights back swinging a bat, landing multiple head shots. He grabs Yumi by the hand and together they flee the school in true anarchist fashion.

Next, Kanou steals a car and makes Yumi get in with him. Together they travel the highway with the police hot on their trail.
Desperate to have sex, Kanou randomly knocks on the door of a house as a blind woman walks up behind him. He explains that they are tired travelers and just need a moment to rest. The woman invites them inside. After munching on snacks, the woman goes to the kitchen to make dinner. Kanou wants sex so bad that he is willing to rape Yumi as her forces her to undress. As he struggles to put on a condom, Yumi laughs at him because she knows he is a virgin. Later on she screams at him on a beach that the problem with Japan is virgin men who canít find women and work long hours as company employees. According to Yumi, they are a parasite to Japanese society.

In fact what makes The Last Days of the World so interesting is that many problems about modern Japan are exposed through different characters.

At a party with cosplayers, a strange middle aged man, wearing a schoolgirl outfit, is holding a gun at a cop as he complains that the police are the real problem.

The whole movie is about how Kanou is living out his self-centered fantasy. As Yumi cries in the stolen car about wanting to go home, he tells her no. It is all about him and his lust; he has no feelings of love for Yumi and he has no desire to meet any of her needs. She is just part of his fantasy.

During the cosplay party, Kanou takes the mike and tells that crowd that Japan will never regain itself and that nothing matters becomes the world will soon end. As he is speaking, he gets shot in the hand and he feels no pain, which is also part of his fantasy.

No matter what he does he is never happy. Even with the freedom to do whatever he wants, he still remains unhappy. He might have been better off sticking to his original plan and going to college.

The Last Days of the World has some interesting moments. Kanou is an amusing character at times and more often annoying. Strange and eccentric characters that make up Japan get to have their say. The biggest problem is the ambiguous ending that I have never been a fan of. Still, it has some cool scenes and is worth a look but nothing to own.

2.5 out of 5 Stars

"The Asian Aperture" is ©2012 by Jason Fetters. All contents of Crazed Fanboy are ©2012 by Nolan B. Canova and Terence Nuzum.

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