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The Real Life Adventures of Jon StrippoliAwesomenauts
POSTED BY JON STRIPPOLI, July 22, 2013    Share

In the realm of online video games I consider myself a seasoned traveller. From the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) to FPS (First Person Shooter) I've walked amongst the digital citizenry and gotten to understand them. However, there is one genre that I have found very difficult to break into and that's the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Often considered a trecherous wasteland of human detritus, interacting with the MOBA community can make getting into the genre quite difficult. Especially when tolerating a "noob" could mean negative marks on your e-peen. That being said, I believe I've found the right game and community for someone new to MOBAs. That game is Awesomenauts.
Awesomenauts is developer Ronimo Games's most recent release. What really sets this game apart, for me, is its 2D sidescrolling gameplay and Saturday morning cartoon setting and characters. Like all MOBAs, the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base. The format is 3v3, with you playing as one of a very creative assortment of characters. Awesomenauts is cross platform, available on PS3, Xbox 360, PC (how I play), Mac, and Linux.

One of the things I most enjoy about the game is the sidescrolling action. It harkens back to a simpler time in gaming when jumping left and right was totally awesome. The action is fast paced without being hectic or stressful. And it's not a huge time investment. Most matches last about 10-15 minutes. The maps, though limited, are well thought out with unique settings, secrets, and dangers to each one. One map has a giant sand worm you can use as a trap! The controls for Awesomenauts are really solid, taking advantage of the classic keyboard and mouse (which I use) and the option of using a gamepad if that's more your style.

Speaking of style, the number one reason I became interested in Awesomenauts was its Saturday morning cartoon inspired design. The name alone was enough to get me to watch the trailer, but it wasn't until viewing THAT that my interest was piqued. First off, the game has a theme song that could have been stripped right from the 1990ís. Add on top of that a personalized theme song for every single character! A theme song that doesn't just show up in the character select screen, no, it actually plays during the game if certain criteria are met (a high player kill count for example). This attention to detail and outright creativity show that the developers really care about their product.

Community is a large part of online gaming. It can make or break the experience. With a number of unpleasant past experiences under my belt from other MOBAs, it was with great trepidation that I decided to step out into the digital battlefield to face my fellow man. Having only faced bots prior to this journey I feared potential backlash from whatever team was unfortunate enough to have me lumped in with them. And how pleasant it was to NOT have that happen! The games I've played with actual hu-mans have been fun and friendly, every game ending with a GG (good game) from all.

Awesomenauts is a really tight game. With regular updates and a very present development team, I feel like the community will stay strong. If you're a more casual gamer looking to get into the MOBA scene or if you're someone who can't get enough PVP in your life, give Awesomenauts a try.

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