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The Asian ApertureKarate-Robo Zaborgar (2011)
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, March 10, 2013    Share

Japanís politicians and wealthy business tycoons are being hunted down by an evil organization known as Sigma. A weird floating female head with large antennas that reminded me of a sexier version of Uncle Martin from My Favorite Martian flies through the air, propelled by fire shooting out from her neck. She soars through the air and kisses a shocked detective. Her ninja-esque minions take on the remaining detectives and the Tokyo police. Then a samurai cyborg appears, two large katana swords magically spring up in both hands and his killing rampage begins. He slices and dices through the riot police until a young karate fighter called Daimon appears. Daimon yells out loud Bruce Lee style battle cries and uses Sonny Chiba inspired martial arts hand gestures to scare his enemies. However it is his robot buddy, Zaborgar, who is able to defeat the samurai cyborg and save the day. Zaborgar looks like your typical Japanese fighting mech but he is fierce in combat. Plus Zaborgar can transform into a motorcycle for Daimon to ride around on top of. The flying head finds her body and the viewer is introduced to the villainous Miss Borg, who has been wronged by so many men, that violent seeps through her entire metallic body.

Karate-Robo Zaborgar follows that typical Tokusatsu formula of the main hero calling out an attack before that attack is used. My personal favorite is when Daimon tells Zaborgar to use his Muay Thai Kung Fu skill; I always thought they were separate martial arts until this movie proved me wrong. This involves traditional Thai music playing, I am assuming from a radio somewhere built into Zaborgar, as the great robot dances around by hopping on one leg. He uses low sidekicks, elbow strikes, and deadly knee attacks to bring down his opponents.

Besides Daimon and his personal quest for fighting for righteousness and justice, the real stars are the wonderful villains with colorful names like Diarrhea Robot who has the unique ability to spray acid from his butt. There is also Bulldog Robot Car that drives around with a huge silver cyborg Bulldog face on the front and two giant hands that emerge from both doors. Then Miss Borg sometimes needs backup so she has dangerous Fembots sporting bikinis while wearing American style Football helmets. I wish I was making this part up but Iím not, from each Fembotís breasts dinosaurs head pop out, snapping at anything that moves. That is definitely a different kind of weapon that I havenít seen much of in SF. However, the truly evil genius is Dr. Akunomiya who demands to be heard and obeyed without question. When one of Dr. Akunomiyaís subordinates doesnít answer quick enough he gets shot in the face with an electrically charged dart. Donít mess with Dr. Akunomiya and never sass him.

Somehow a love affair develops between Daimon and Miss Borg and they meet up in a cave by the beach for human and cyborg lovemaking. This involves Miss Borg moaning as many robotic tentacles spring out from her breasts and cover Daimonís head, who although clearly in pain, is enjoying every minute of it. The result of their quality time spent together produces twin children with synthetic skin and human blood. It makes me wonder what would happen if Robocop ever got lucky.

Enough of the weirdness, my favorite part of Karate-Robo Zaborgar is the robot fights, which are killer. Miss Borg has her own transforming motorcycle that turns into the robot, Black Hawk. The fights between Zaborgar and Black Hawk are excellent, especially towards the end. Also interesting is Zaborgar batting the Fembots with their breasts dinosaur heads. Itís hard to get away from female breasts in this movie.

Karate-Robo Zaborgar is the kind of movie that everyone should see at least once, if for no other reason than the experience. The movie is based on a 70ís Tokusatsu series called Denjin Zaborger that starred Akira Yamaguchi, who was in Kamen Rider V3. I only know this because during the end credits, various scenes from the old series are shown and I confined it after a quick Google search. This is how movies should be, a lot of fun to watch with interesting action sequences and SF special effects that are wonderfully executed and sure to entertain. It is currently streaming on Netflix. Enjoy.

Highly Recommended

5 out of 5 Stars

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