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The Asian ApertureMutant Girls Squad (2010)
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, February 3, 2013    Share

A young schoolgirl named Rin is viciously bullied at her local school. She returns home in tears, vaguely away of why her hand is hurting. Suddenly her hand transforms into a mutated thing pulsating with power. Rin is forced to use that power to take on an entire community. There are numerous decapitations with tons of blood spraying out of necks. Such is the world of Mutant Girls Squad, a Japanese gore movie with lots of fake looking blood. The blood sprays out too much like colored water to resemble real blood at all.

Rin meets up with other mutants who are quick to show off their special skills. One girl bends over as a long chainsaw emerges from her butt; she gleefully calls it her ass chainsaw. Another girl’s breasts pop out as two long katana blades pop out. The girls go into training to harness the skills of their unique weapons.
Mutant Girls Squad is basically devoid of any sensible plot. It is the typical cliché of mutants vs humans. In fact, characters are on screen for just enough time for them to be killed off in awful ways. You can only sit through a few decapitations until you have seen too many like a bad joke that is endlessly repeated. The rubber looking limbs that are cut off along with the worst fake blood ever filmed do little for hardcore gore fans. This movie really doesn’t have much of an audience unless you want to count teenagers left at the theater who don’t really care what they are watching.

The ending is a total let down as the boss of the mutants called Kisaragi transforms into a hulking mass with giant sized swords for hands. Then it is up to the three mutant girls who decided to unite to combat Kisaragi who is raging against all humans. It is the typical battle with one girl riding some random guy with fire shooting out of his feet as they fly around the room. Her arms turn into tentacles to help her fight. The other girls have their own silly mutations that are utilized.

I wanted to like Mutant Girls Squad more but with such a simplistic plot, bad effects, and terrible acting that had me wishing a soap opera star was in it, there is nothing to recommend here. Even horror movie fans would be checking their watches wishing this was over.


1 out of 5 stars

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