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The Asian ApertureSeesaw (2010)
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, February 25, 2013    Share

To be young and in Japan is one of lifeís best experiences and this is showcased near the beginning of this entertaining indies slice-of-life movie from writer, director, and actor, Keihiro Kanyama. After a serious moment with a tense phone call that will foreshadow what is to come, the life, sounds, and joy of a Japanese style party come blazing onto the screen with a hot rap song blasting. This is a wedding party for two friends and a huge crowd has gathered to celebrate inside the small, cramped apartment of Shinji and his girlfriend Makoto. They have been together for two years and havenít gotten married yet. Now that their friends are, Shinji feels he has to do something to.

While making a video for the upcoming wedding, with friends saying their best regards, Shinji proposes on camera. That moment is caught forever. Soon the party is over and everyone goes home. Now Seesaw focuses in on just two people, Shinji and Makoto and their daily life together. It is in the mundane moments of hanging out the laundry on the roof, being woken up by an annoyingly loud alarm clock, and eating dinner together that Seesaw because poetry. The conversations are very common but it is in those bland words that the true character and love between Shinji and Makoto emerges. It is not in the big speeches that you come to understand someone but in those easily tossed away words of small talk.

While playing with each other on the sofa, Shinji gets seriously and may propose but the ever chatty Makoto cuts him off and says that she likes living together without going through a hassle like getting married. Shinji wants more. He really wants a family and to have a wife, while Makoto is just happy being the cute and peppy girlfriend.

It is a charming realistic relationship that comes across with raw, pure emotions. Out in a children playground, Shinji and Makoto sit on a seesaw. Shinji takes one chocolate from the package and goes up, sliding the box down to Makoto. She takes one chocolate and goes up to slide the box back down to him. It is a playful scene filled with young love idling passing the time without a care in the world.
Seesaw goes deeper with emotions and I wonít reveal what that is because this is a movie to be savored scene by scene without knowing too much going in.

It is refreshing to see an indies film this good that has none of the usual Hollywood trappings. It is a simple story of two people in love that has a deeper meaning just underneath the surface.

Highly Recommended

5 out of 5 Stars

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