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The Asian ApertureTeddy Bear (2012)
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, April 2, 2013    Share

Inside a cozy restaurant sits Dennis, a 38-year old Professional Bodybuilder, who is quiet and shy as his date attempts conversation by asking questions. Dennis answers briefly and stares blankly into space. They are not connecting with each other at all. Dennis is huge and the normal sized chair he is sitting in appears too small. Finally the date ends and Dennis returns home where his dominating mother is waiting.

The one friend that Dennis seems to have is his buddy at the gym. With his shirt off Dennis have a stunning physique with muscles bulging out all over his back, arms, and chest. The girl he just went out with walks by at the gym, he says “hi,” and there is no response.

During a Wedding celebration for his Uncle Bent, Dennis meets his lovely Thai wife. Dennis decides to travel to Thailand to look for a wife. Uncle Bent helps him out by giving him travel advice and various maps of Pattaya. Dennis returns home to pack a small suitcase. Then he tells his mother, who doesn’t want him to leave.
Dennis is a giant as he casually walks inside the airport in Denmark, with his suitcase trailing behind him. Everyone else in the airport is so small by comparison.

Soon Dennis arrives in Pattaya and checks into his hotel. He goes by taxi to a bar that Uncle Bent recommends. The owner greets him warmly and sets him up with a Thai girl. He takes her back to his hotel. She goes into the bathroom to change. Then she attempts to have sex with him. Dennis asks her if they can just talk. He politely refuses all her advances, pays her fee, and then she leaves.
Clearly frustrated at the hopes of finding a wife, he decides to visit a local gym. There he meets a young male Thai bodybuilder and they have a good workout. His new friend invites him out to dinner and that is where he meets the lovely Toi, who owns the gym that he went to. They hit it off well.

Zipping through traffic on a motorbike, they spend a quiet and relaxing afternoon at a beautiful Thai beach with gently waves. Dennis has finally found his soul mate. His life is gaining meaning and purpose. Now he wants to take his girlfriend back home to Denmark and deal with his mother.

Kim Kold, a real bodybuilder is perfectly cast as Dennis. He can handle the drama that arises in the plot very well. Elsebeth Steentoft does a fantastic job at playing the intense mother who never wants her boy to leave home. Toi is played by Lamaiporn Sangmanee Hougaard and is convincing as a Thai woman who can speak simple English and understands no Danish at all. This is a remarkable achievement because all the roles in Teddy Bear are non actors because Director Mads Matthiesen wanted it to be realistic. This creates a slice of life story that is a refreshing change from Hollywood, special effects, CGI, actor’s egos, and other things that can hamper good storytelling. The plot is believable and makes this indies film enjoyable. Teddy Bear is a funny movie without trying to be and there is no sex or violence at all, making it accessible to everyone.

Teddy Bear won Mads Matthiesen a directing award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Matthiesen will be one filmmaker to watch for in the future.

Teddy Bear is currently streaming on Netflix.

Highly Recommend

5 out of 5 Stars

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