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The Asian ApertureThe Unborn (2003)
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, September 1, 2014    Share

Por is hard at work as a bartender in a night club. She goes outside to have a smoke when her drug dealer begins beating her. He picks her up and throws her into the trunk of his car. The car stops and Por is pulled out, dragged across a wooden dock, and severely beaten. She is left for dead after being thrown into a lake. So begins director Bhandit Thongdee chilling story.

Somehow Por manages to survive only to be nursed back to health inside a haunted hospital. She sees the ghost of a dead woman that repeatedly attempts to make contact. It doesn’t help matters that she has had drug problems and that her rehab center sends a worker to check up on her and persuade her to stop using drugs. If all that wasn’t enough turmoil, her doctor tells her that she is 10-weeks pregnant. Can Por get her life together and be a good mother? Why is a ghost harassing her?

The Unborn is a creepy Thai ghost story that makes good use of a hospital setting to make the viewer unsettled. I have sat through thousands of horror movies without so much as a finch, yet one scene in The Unborn really got under my skin.

Por is inside her room looking at a weird doll laying across her bed when without warning the doll moves. It is a simple jump scare but the eerie lighting, combined with the loud suspense music, the nasty looking hospital room, just worked so well that I jumped.

Hospitals can be so scary in general and when you add vengeful ghosts that only makes it worse. This is one area that Asian horror movies really excel and that is stories about people who were wronged in life and return to the world of the living as angry ghosts. These ghosts are not just out to scare you, they want to hurt you. However, in The Unborn, Por seeks to help the ghost that is haunting her and to make things right.

The next time you are in the mood for a good and effective ghost story give The Unborn a shot.

You might be checking out your room carefully on your next hospital visit and hoping nothing is waiting for you.

Highly recommended

5 out of 5 Stars

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