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The Asian ApertureHula Bay
POSTED BY JASON FETTERS, March 1, 2015    Share

So it’s Saturday night and you’re not sure where to go and everyone in your party tells you, “I don’t care where we go eat.” What to do? Put on your best beach attire, grab a lei, and head for Hula Bay.

This wonderful waterfront restaurant and bar has all the exoticness of a Les Baxter tune. Any given Weekend has live music. Truly a hidden South Tampa treasure, Hula Bay is a unique fusion of Hawaiian, Japanese, and American. My mine problem is choosing what I want.

Hula Bay is a paradise for sushi lovers and this is coming from a guy who lived in Osaka, Japan for a few years. I love the Big Kahuna that has fresh ginger, pineapple, with Ahi tuna, salmon, white tuna, Shiromi, Masago, cucumber, Asparagus that is all wrapped in nori with fried panko.So good. I usually supplement my sushi with a Wakame Seaweed salad.

Sometimes good classic comfort food suits my palate and I love the Hula Bay burger. It is a garlic flavored teriyaki burger with a honey dijon sauce with bacon, swiss, and topped with a grilled pineapple. I have had the teriyaki burger at the Player’s Sports Pub at the Doubletree on W. Cypress, and the Hula Bay burger is so much better with fresher ingredients and a mouthwatering sauce that other teriyaki burgers cannot compete with.

One of my favorite dinners is the Chicken Katsu that is seasoned with ginger and soy and rubbed with crushed panko. It is served with sweet rice, very tasty baby Bok Choy and a pineapple wasabi ponzu sauce.

The seafood lover in me craves the Seared Tuna. You get Togarashi spiced tuna seared medium rare over Wasabi Mash, (not a lot of wasabi, just a light touch,) with tempura Asparagus, and a
Wasabi Ginger ponzu sauce.

A few other favorites are the Mahi Mahi Tacos, the Lacquered Sesame Salmon, and Tuna Nachos. The Tuna Nachos have hot sesame oil, Siracha, ginger, Masago, and ponzu over rice paper crisps with Wasabi Aioli.

I finished my meal with a Coconut Crème Brulee that is jaw dropping good.

So the next time you are out and about with the munchies give Hula Bay a shot. Take Westshore to Tyson and head for the bay.

Happy Dining!!

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