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HISTORY: We welcome all fans of the legendary WTOG, Channel 44 (St.Petersburg, FL) TV program Creature Feature starring, your ghost, Dr. Paul Bearer. "Creature Feature" began in the early '70s and was soon hosted by the inestimably talented Dick Bennick playing his own character "Dr. Paul Bearer". (For more background on how this happened, ED Tucker's The Lost Interview of Dr. Paul Bearer is highly recommended reading.) It was suggested that we pool our resources to try and reconstruct Creature Feature's 20-year-plus history from any available sources. The table below was begun by William Moriaty in La Floridiana #220 early summer of 2004. The overall management was then given to Andy Lalino, with contributors Ed Tucker, Lonnie Dohlen, William Moriaty, and of course, myself (Nolan Canova) sharing the directory as of July 6th, 2004.
Andy Lalino did an outstanding job, but left Crazed Fanboy in April 2005 to, among other things, pursue movie projects, so I'm in the market for a new Database manager. Until I find one, I'll be managing the project myself as best I can with the extremely limited time I have.
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CREATURE FEATURE - Shows hosted by Dr. Paul Bearer  WTOG Channel 44

Thanks to Lonnie Dohlen, Ed Tucker, Nolan Canova, Will Moriaty, and Mark Passmore for listings, graphics, and commentary contributions.

9/7/73 - Sat. 2p(?)

"The Mummy's Tomb"

"Most Dangerous Man Alive"

Creature Feature premiere featuring DPB (?)

9/15/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Deadly Mantis"  

9/22/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" 

9/29/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" 

10/6/73 - Sat. 2p-4p


10/13/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Creature Walks Among Us" 

10/20/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Son of Frankenstein" 

10/27/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"It Came from Outer Space" 

11/3/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Son of Dracula" 

11/10/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"20 Million Miles to Earth" 

11/17/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Revenge of the Creature" 

11/24/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Strange Door" 

12/1/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Witch's Curse" 

12/8/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Invisible Ray" (Karloff/Lugosi) 

12/15/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Brain" (1962 or 1965) 

12/22/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Horror Chamber of Dr. Faustus" 

12/29/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Gamma People" 

1/5/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The H Man" 

1/12/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Invisible Man Returns" 

1/19/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Black Torment" 

1/26/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Monolith Monsters" 

2/2/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Monster on the Campus" 

2/9/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Voyage Into Space" 

2/16/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Circus of Horrors" 

2/23/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Destroy All Monsters" "Don't Bother" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment)

3/2/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Battle Beyond the Sun"  

3/9/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Man Who Reclaimed His Head"  

3/16/74 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" "Fearful"  (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment)

9/7/74 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Mummy's Tomb"

"The Most Dangerous Man Alive" (1961)

Creature Feature begins featuring two movies

1/3/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Billy the Kid vs. Dracula" (1966; John Carradine)

"Jungle Woman" (1944)

Not "Jungle Woman" again!

1/10/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Angry Red Planet" (1959)

"Monster on the Campus" (1958)

Outstanding double-feature.  "Angry..." is a colorful sci-fi classic which I saw again recently on FLIX.  "Monster on the Campus" was a movie I never saw on Crea-Fea, but rather on AMC.  Loved that giant dragonfly!

- Andy

1/17/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" (1966)

"The Thing that Couldn't Die" (Karloff, 1958)

Another great double-bill.  I've re-watched both films recently.  "The Thing..." haunted me for years.  I was terrified by "Sir Francis Drake's" mesmerizing evil eyes stare!

- Andy

1/17/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Flying Saucer" (1965; Italy)

"Pillow of Death" (Last entry in Universal's

 "Inner Sanctum" series starring Lon 

Chaney Jr.; 1945)

1/31/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Mothra" (1962; Japan)

"She-Wolf of London" (1946)

Yet another great double-bill.  Japanese Monster Movies were always a treat.

- Andy

2/7/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Atom Age Vampire" (1961; Italy/France)

"The Mummy's Curse" (1944)

Lon Chaney Jr., I thought, was a great Mummy.  For some reason Universal switched the setting from previous "Mummy" sequels from New England to Louisiana.  I always wondered why the Mummy walked with a limp arm - and was then able to pick up Princess Ananka with both arms!  Is it just me, or did the cultish Egyptian priests call their region "Arkham"?

- Andy

2/14/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Island of Terror" (1967; Peter Cushing)

"The Mole People" (1956)

Can't beat these films.  "Island..." was a truly terrifying picture for the '60s.  The amoeba-like creatures were frightening!  Great shock ending too!  Happy Valentine's Day!

- Andy

2/21/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Tomb of Ligea" (1965; V. Price/Dir. Roger Corman)

"The Gorgon" (1964; Hammer; Christopher Lee)


2/28/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"I, Monster" (1972; Christopher Lee)

"The Tingler" (1959; V. Price/Dir. William Castle)


3/6/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Invisible Man Returns" (1940; V. Price)

"The Monolith Monsters" (1957)


3/13/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Mission Stardust" (1968; Italy/Spain/W. Germany/Monaco)

"The Mad Doctor of Market Street" (1942; Lionel Atwill)


3/20/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Beyond the Time Barrier" (1960)

"Curse of the Undead" (1959)

 DPB performs "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"!

3/27/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Invisible Agent" (1942; Peter Lorre)

"Invisible Creature" (1960; England)


4/3/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"It Came from Outer Space" (1953; Richard Carlson)

"The Day the Earth Froze" (1964)


4/10/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Black Castle" (1953; Karloff)

"The Leech Woman" (1960)


4/17/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Attack of the Monsters" (1969)

"Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" (1956; Beverly Garland)

"Attack..." aka "Gamera vs. Guiron"

4/24/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Demon" (1957; Dana Andrews)

"The Gamma People" (1956)

"The Gamma People" is one of my late-night favorites!

- Andy

5/1/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Rodan, the Flying Monster" (1957)

"Konga" (1961; Michael Gough)

 A cut rate, guy-in-a-suit, rip-off of King Kong, but still lots of fun!

- Ed Tucker

5/8/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Island of the Burning Doomed" (1967; Lee/Cushing)

"Voodoo Island" (1957; Karloff)


5/15/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"House of Frankenstein" (1944; Karloff)

"Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman" (1943)

Great Universal double-bill!

5/22/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Conqueror Worm" (1968; V. Price)

"Terror in the Crypt" (1963, Christopher Lee; Spain/Italy)


5/29/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Blancheville Monster" (1962; Spain/Italy)

"The Spider Woman Strikes Back" (1944; Rondo Hatton)


6/5/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Invisible Man" (1933, Claude Rains)

"The Invisible Agent" (1942, Peter Lorre)

An Invisibility Double-Feature!

6/12/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Mummy's Tomb" (1942, Lon Chaney Jr.)

"The Most Dangerous Man Alive" (1961)


6/19/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Black Cat" (1941, Bela Lugosi, Basil Rathbone)

"Yongary, Monster from the Deep" (1967)

 Note "The Black Cat" was not the '34 Karloff/Lugosi classic.  "Yongary" was a fun, all-color South Korean giant monster movie!

6/26/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Dinosaurus" (1960)

"Werewolf of London" (1935, Henry Hull)

 "Dinosaurus" was one of my all-time favorite fantasy films.  WOL was one of the original films to feature a werewolf, pre-dating Lon Chaney Jr.'s "The Wolfman" by six years.

- Andy

7/3/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Black Friday" (1940, Karloff/Lugosi)

"The 27th Day" (1957)


7/10/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Ghost of Frankenstein" (1942; Chaney Jr., Lugosi)

"Son of Dracula" (1943, Lon Chaney Jr.)

 Very solid double-bill

7/17/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1956)

"Return of the Giant Majin" (1966)

 I loved the giant "Majin" series.  "Majin" was a giant walking stone statue that terrorized Samurai-era Japan.

- Andy

These were true torture for me as a kid. I loved the Japanese monster aspect of the films, but you had to sit through an hour of boring story line waiting for the statue to finally get pissed off enough to start stomping stuff!

- Ed Tucker

7/24/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1959; Lugosi, Vampira)

"Murders in the Rue Morgue" (1932)

 Ed Wood!  Aw-right!!!!!

7/31/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Revenge of the Creature" (1955, John Agar)

"The Man Who Cried Wolf" (1937)

Note TMWCW was a crime drama, not a horror film.  DPB complained about how crime dramas and European "giallos" were broadcast on CF, tricking kids into thinking they were horror films because of their horror-esque titles

8/7/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Son of Frankenstein" (1939; Karloff, Lugosi)

"The Raven" (1935; Karloff, Lugosi)


8/14/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Terror of the Tongs" (1961 - Hammer, Christopher Lee)

"The Mummy" (the 1932 Karloff classic)

No!  Not "Terror of the Tongs"!!!  AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

8/21/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Billy the Kid vs. Dracula" (1966; Lon Chaney Jr. )

"The Frozen Ghost" (1945, Lon Chaney Jr.)


8/28/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Valley of the Dragons" (1961 )

"The Wolf Man" (1941, Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains)

"Valley/Dragons": There was something I found really cool about this film as a kid and years later when I discovered it was based on Jules Verne’s "Off On a Comet".   I understood why.

- Ed Tucker

9/4/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Battle in Outer Space" (1960)

"Man-Made Monster" (1941; Lon Chaney Jr., Lionel Atwill)


9/11/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Cult of the Cobra" (1955)

"The Invisible Woman" (1940)


9/18/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Valley of the Dragons" (1961)

"The Strange Door" (Karloff, 1951)

"Valley/Dragons": There was something I found really cool about this film as a kid and years later when I discovered it was based on Jules Verne’s "Off On a Comet".   I understood why.

- Ed Tucker

9/25/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Bride of Frankenstein" (1935)

"Curse of the Undead" (1959)


10/2/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Battle of the Worlds" (1961; Italy, Claude Rains)

"Terror in the Jungle" (1968)

"Terror in the Jungle" seems like a bit of a rarity.  Had to look this one up.

- Andy

10/9/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Curse of Bigfoot" (1972)

"The Thing That Couldn't Die" (1958)

I knew this was a dog even as a kid, although I did like the beginning where the archeologists find the American Indian “mummy” buried under the tablet and haul it out. This film had a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing! It’s interesting to note that this film ended up on Creature Feature only four years after it was made.

- Ed Tucker

10/16/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Curse of Frankenstein" (1957)

"The Mummy's Hand" (1940)


10/23/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Phantom of the Opera" (1962; Hammer, Herbert Lom)

"Night Creatures" (1962)

"Night Creatures" was an interesting horror feature.  Loved the skeleton-costumed riders.

- Andy

10/30/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"House of Dracula" (1945)

"Dracula's Daughter" (1936)


11/6/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Dracula, Prince of Darkness" (1966; Hammer, Chris Lee)

"The Curse of Dracula" (1958)


11/13/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Godzilla" (1956; Toho, Dir. Onoshiro Honda, Raymond Burr)

"Godzilla's Revenge" (1969)

 Heaven to a little kid watching Crea-Fea!

11/20/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Monster Zero" (1966; Toho, Nick Adams)

"Night Monster" (1942; Bela Lugosi, Lionel Atwill)


11/27/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed" (1970; P. Cushing)

"Mark of the Vampire" (1957, Kenneth Tobey)


12/4/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Magic Serpent" (1966)

"The Invisible Man's Revenge" (1944, John Carradine)

Another highly underrated fantasy film from Toho.

- Ed Tucker

12/11/76 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter" (1966) Only one feature this day, followed by college football at 4pm

12/18/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Brain that Wouldn't Die" (1959)

"The Man Who Turned to Stone" (Victor Jory)


12/25/76 - Sat. 2p-5p

"It Happened on 5th Avenue" (1947)

"Susan Slept Here" (1954)

Crea-Fea pre-empted for a X-Mas special edition show!  No wonder I like Halloween more than X-mas...

1/1/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"It Came from Beneath the Sea" (1955)

"Warning from Space" (1956 or 1968)

Note: The entry reads "Warning from Space" which was a 1956 Japanese film featuring Starfish-shaped aliens.  The date given in "TV Dial", however, was 1967, which leads me to believe it could have been a sci-fi film called "Warning from Outer Space" (1967)

1/8/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Creature Walks Among Us" (1956)

"The Strangler" (1963)

This is one of Victor Buono’s best roles ever and seemed very adult to me as a kid.

- Ed Tucker

1/15/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"12 to the Moon" (1960)

"Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster" (1965)

"Frankenstein..." a camp classic!

1/22/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Tarantula" (1955)

"Dance of Death" (1968; Mexico, Boris Karloff)

"The Dance of Death" was one of Boris Karloff's last films.  aka "House of Evil".  Jack Hill wrote the screenplay.

1/22/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Island of the Lost" (1968)

"Jungle Captive" (1945)


2/5/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Raven" (1963; AIP, Price/Karloff/Lorre, Dir. Corman)

"When Worlds Collide" (1951, dir. George Pal)

A fantastic double-feature

2/12/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (1964)

"The Giant Claw" (1957)


2/19/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Destory All Monsters" (1968, Toho)

"Monster on the Campus" (1958)

DAM rules! 

2/26/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Mummy" (1959; Hammer, Lee/Cushing)

"The Mummy's Ghost" (1943, Lon Chaney Jr.)


3/5/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Angry Red Planet" (1960)

"Creature from the Black Lagoon" (1954)


3/12/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"This Island Earth" (1955)

"The Mad Ghoul" (1943)


3/19/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Man Who Could Cheat Death" (1959)

"Beast of Hollow Mountain" (1956; anim. by Willis O' Brian)


3/26/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Conquest of Space" (1955, dir. George Pal)

"Journey to the 7th Planet" (1962, John Agar)

Good sci-fi double-bill

4/2/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Man Who Reclaimed His Head" (1934)

"The Black Cat" (1941)


4/9/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"It!  The Terror from Beyond Space" (1958)

"The Phantom Planet" (1962)

 "It!..." is a personal favorite of mine.  It's very scary, as compared with other sci-fi films of the late '50s and was an influence on "Alien" (1979).

- Andy

4/16/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Invisible Ray" (1936, Karloff/Lugosi)

"The Mole People" (1956, John Agar)


4/23/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"War of the Gargantuas" (1966, Russ Tamblyn)

"Dead Man's Eyes" (1944, Lon Chaney Jr.)

"War..." was one of the most fun  full-color features shown on Crea-Fea (at least to a 10-yr.-old kid), and I believe was a pseudo-sequel to "Frankenstein Conquers the World".  Unforgettable!

- Andy

As much as I loved the giant Japanese monsters as a kid, this one actually did scare me. The scenes of the Green Gargantua eating people and then spitting out their clothes were pretty intense. I was also unnerved by the early scene of the fisherman looking down into the water from his boat only to see the Green Gargantua standing on the bottom of the ocean looking up at him! It’s hard to believe this was a sequel to "Frankenstein Conquers the World".

- Ed Tucker

4/30/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Women of the Prehistoric Planet" (1966, John Agar)

"Isle of the Dead" (1945; Karloff, dir. Val Lewton)

"Isle..." was a haunting favorite of mine.  Note that "Women..." was broadcast on "Fright Theatre" the same night (see the FT database below)

- Andy

5/7/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Mummy's Tomb" (1942)

"The Mummy's Revenge" (1972, Paul Naschy)

A rare excursion into Spanish horror for Crea Fea.  A real treat, and a nice break from the B&W Universal classics. 

5/14/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Bride of the Gorilla" (1951; Raymond Burr, Lon Chaney Jr.)

"Brides of Dracula" (1960; Hammer, Peter Cushing)

"Bride(s)..." double feature!  After "Horror of Dracula", Christopher Lee refused to play Count Dracula for a number of years.  English actor David Peel filled in.  Great film.  Directed by Terence Fisher with a script by Jimmy Sangster.

5/21/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Navy vs. the Night Monsters" (1966, Billy Gray)

"Bela Lugosi meets a Brooklyn Gorilla" (1952)

I recall at the time, seeing "Navy..." was a pretty exciting, full-color experience.  It was scary and action-packed.  I remember being surprised seeing Billy Gray ("Bud" in "Father Knows Best") in the cast.  He gets his arm ripped off!  BLMABG, despite the inane title, was a very fun movie featuring a look-alike Martin/Lewis team.

5/28/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Evil of Frankenstein" (1964; Hammer, Peter Cushing) Second feature pre-empted by baseball (Braves vs. Giants)

6/4/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Atomic City" (1952)

"The Mad Magician" (1954, Vincent Price)


6/11/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Atom Age Vampire" (1961)

"The Mummy's Curse" (1944, Lon Chaney Jr.)


6/18/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Scream of Fear" (1961; Hammer, Susan Strasberg)

"The Leech Woman" (1960)


6/25/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Flying Saucer" (1951; Italy)

"Battle Beyond the Sun" (1963)


7/2/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Son of Frankenstein" (1939; Karloff/Lugosi)

No 2nd feature


7/9/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Voyage Into Space" (1969)

2nd feature pre-empted for baseball (Braves vs. Giants)

Hi, Ed!

7/16/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Konga" (1961; Michael Gough)

"Return of the Giant Majin" (1966, Daiei)

"Konga": cut rate, guy-in-a-suit, rip-off of King Kong, but still lots of fun!

"...Majin": These were true torture for me as a kid. I loved the Japanese monster aspect of the films but you had to sit through an hour of boring story line waiting for the statue to finally get pissed off enough to start stomping stuff!

- Ed Tucker

7/23/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Terror in the Crypt" (1963, Christopher Lee)

"Creature with the Atom Brain" (1955)

 Note the TV Guide mistakes the year of "Terror..."  - 1940.

7/30/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Night Creatures" (1962, Peter Cushing)

"Revenge of the Creature" (1955)


8/6/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"First Spaceship on Venus" (1962)

"Beyond the Time Barrier" (1960)


8/13/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Voodoo Island" (1957, Karloff)

"Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" (1956)

 Augh!  Not Curucu!

8/20/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Projected Man" (1967)

"Mission Stardust" (1968; Itlay, aka "4...3...2...1...morte")


8/27/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Gorgon" (1964; Hammer, Christopher Lee)

"The Deadly Mantis" (1957)


9/3/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Invisible Man" (1933)

"The Invisible Man Returns" (1940)


9/10/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Devil's Hand" (1961)

"The Creeping Terror" (1964)

 "The Creeping Terror" was a real treat for bad movie fans!

9/17/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Footsteps on the Moon" (1967)

"The Frozen Ghost" (1945)

Never heard of "Footsteps...".  This is probably a documentary.

9/24/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Terror in the Jungle" (1968)

"Island of Doomed Men" (1940)

 "The Creeping Terror" was a real treat for bad movie fans!

10/1/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Horror Castle" (1964, Christopher Lee)

"The Boogie Man Will Get You" (Karloff, 1942)

 "Horror Castle" - Great feature!  Always liked the title of the 2nd Karloff feature, although I bet it's better than the actual movie.

10/8/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Terror Beneath the Sea" (1970, Sonny Chiba)

"Atomic Submarine" (1959)

Another great double-feature.

10/15/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Living Corpse" (1964, Roy Scheider)

"Carnival of Souls" (1962,  Dir. Herk Harvey)

You can't beat this line-up.  "Curse" was one of my Crea Fea faves, but I don't recall ever seeing "Carnival..." on Crea Fea  - what a treat that must have been!

10/23/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"I, Monster" (1971, Lee/Cushing)

"Monster from the Surf" (1965)

Again, "I, Monster" is another Crea Fea movie I managed to miss (I must have been out seeing "Star Wars").

10/29/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Count Dracula" (1970, Christopher Lee, Dir. Jess Franco)

"The Raven" (1935, Karloff/Lugosi)

"Count Dracula" also stars Klaus Kinski as Renfield and Soledad Miranda!  Franco on the Feature!  Guess this was the Halloween show.

11/5/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Attack of the Mushroom People" (1966)

"Attack of the Giant Leeches" (1959)

Another film on CF that actually scared me. How dumb can these people be? Don’t eat the damn mushrooms!

- Ed Tucker

11/12/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Frankenstein Conquers the World" (1966)

"House of Frankenstein" (1944, Karloff, Chaney Jr.)

Good double-feature, although odd seeing a Japanese Frankenstein (critically panned) paired with a traditional American version.

11/19/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Beast with a Million Eyes" (1955)

"Astounding She Monster" (1957)

As a kid, I had to do a double-take to see if Shirley Kilpatrick was really nekkid!

11/26/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"I Was a Teenage Frankenstein" (1957)

"I Was a Teenage Werewolf" (1957, Michael Landon)


12/3/77 - Sat. 3:30p (?)

"Behind the Mask" (1932, Karloff) No 2nd feature given.  Not sure if this played for 3 hours.  A non-horror crime thriller teaming up Karloff & Edward Van Sloan after the successes of "Frankenstein" and "Dracula"

12/10/77 - Sat. 3:30p

"From the Earth to the Moon" (1958) No second feature (again)?  Started at 3:30pm

12/17/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Man They Could Not Hang" (1939)

"Sound of Horror" (1965)

Sorry, but as a kid I never did like the Karloff crime thriller films.

12/24/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Susan Slept Here" (1954)

"The Lions are Free" (1969)

The Christmas Show.  AAUGH!

12/31/77 - Sat. 2p-5p

Pre-empted for The Peach Bowl AAUGH!

1/7/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Monster on the Campus" (1958)

"The Monolith Monsters" (1957)


1/14/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

Pre-empted for Challenge Bowl  

1/21/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Tarantula" (1955)

"The Creature Walks Among Us" (1956)

Good double-feature

1/28/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Tomb of Ligea" (1965, Vincent Price, Dir. R. Corman)

"The Missing Guest" (1938)


2/4/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Frankenstein" (1958) Only one feature this day

2/11/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Blood of the Vampire" (1958)

"Night of the Blood Beast" (1958)

A 1958 double feature!

2/18/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Dracula" (1931, Lugosi)

"Son of Dracula" (1943, Lon Chaney Jr.)

Good selections

2/25/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"THX-1138" (1971, Dir. George Lucas; Robert Duvall)

"Invasion of the Saucer Men" (1957)

What a delight it was seeing George Lucas' masterpiece on the small screen!  It was a very bizarre sci-fi film for Crea Fea, but it helped me to appreciate the art film at a young age.  Kudos to AIP for acquiring this title, which came to light after "Star Wars" proved to be a mega-hit.  IOTSM was a great flick too!

3/4/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Atom Age Vampire" (1961)

"Man-Made Monster" (1941, Lon Chaney Jr.)

3/11/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Werewolf of London" (1935, Henry Hull)

"The Invisible Man's Revenge" (1944, John Carradine)

3/18/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1959, Dir. Ed Wood; Lugosi) Only one feature this day.  Followed by "American Hot Wax"(?) at 4pm

3/25/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Blancheville Monster" (1962)

"The Man Who Cried Wolf" (1937)

4/1/78 - Sat. 3:30p-5p

"Catgirl" (1957) First feature pre-empted by by college basketball (starting at 1:30pm).

4/8/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Dagora, the Space Monster" (1964, Japan)

"Curse of the Undead" (1959)

4/15/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Werewolf" (1961, Hammer; Oliver Reed)

"Murders in the Rue Morgue" (1932)

4/22/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Mark of the Vampire" (1957)

"Fiend Without a Face" (1958)

4/29/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"It Conquered the World" (1956, Dir. Roger Corman)

"Valley of the Dragons" (1961)

"Valley/Dragons": There was something I found really cool about this film as a kid and years later when I discovered it was based on Jules Verne’s "Off On a Comet".   I understood why.

- Ed Tucker

5/6/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Godzilla vs. The Thing" (1964, Dir. Onoshiro Honda)

"Godzilla" (1956, Dir. Onoshiro Honda)

I was definitely home watching these two!

5/13/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Attack of the Puppet People" (1958)

"Attack of the Robots" (1966, Dir. Jess Franco)

"Attack" double-feature!  AOTR - an interesting selection

5/20/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Gargoyles" (1972)

"Monster Zero" (1966, Nick Adams)

"Gargoyles" is an all-time favorite!  It stars Scott Glenn ("The Keep") in an early role.  Emmy-winning make-up effects by a very young Stan Winston

5/27/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"War of the Monsters" (1966, Japan)

"The Giant Gila Monster" (1959)

WOTM: The second Gamera film.  Gamera fights Barugon.

6/3/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Ape Man of the Jungle" (1962 or 1964)

"Creature from the Black Lagoon" (1954)

The first feature is an odd choice.  First of all, it's not a horror film.  According to the IMDB, it's a "Tarzan" imitation from Italy (where else?).  Instead of "Tarzan", our hero's called "Tarzak"!

6/10/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Dinosaurus" (1960)

"The Man with 9 Lives" (Karloff, 1940)

6/17/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Valley of Gwangi" (1969, Effects: Ray Harryhausen) Only one feature this Saturday.  "Gwangi" followed by "Grease Day USA", no doubt a special on the movie "Grease", which was released in 1978!

- Andy

Cowboys and dinosaurs, I’m there!

- Ed Tucker

6/24/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Conqueror Worm" (1968, Vincent Price)

"The Spider" (1958)

The SPT "TV Dial" lists the date for "The Spider" as 1945.  If it's the same movie, that's incorrect.  I corrected it here for the database.  This was originally titled "Earth vs. the Spider"

7/1/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Mothra" (1962, Japan; Dir. Onoshiro Honda)

"Jungle Captive" (1945)

Always hated "Jungle Captive"

7/8/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Majin - Monster of Terror" (1966, Japan)

"Jungle Woman" (1944)

Loved the "Majin" movies.  Hated "Jungle Woman"!

- Andy

These were true torture for me as a kid. I loved the Japanese monster aspect of the films but you had to sit through an hour of boring story line waiting for the statue to finally get pissed off enough to start stomping stuff!

- Ed Tucker

7/15/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Scars of Dracula" (1971, Hammer; Christopher Lee)

"Blood of Dracula" (1957)

"Scars..." was a rare '70s Hammer feature shown on Crea Fea.  Good stuff!

7/22/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Battle of the Worlds" (1961, Italy)

"It Came from Outer Space" (1953, Russell Johnson)

7/29/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Projected Man" (1967, Bryant Halliday)

"The Masque of the Red Death" (1964, Vincent Price)

8/5/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Beast of Hollow Mountain" (1956, F/X: Willis O' Brien)

"The Leech Woman" (1960)

8/12/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"I, Monster" (1971; Christopher Lee)

"Monster from the Surf" (1965)

8/19/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Terror of the Tongs" (1961; Christopher Lee)

"The Giant Claw" (1957)

Love "The Giant Claw"!  Loathe "...Tongs" 

8/26/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (1964)

"The Curse of Dracula" (1958)

9/2/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Demon" (1957)

"Creature with the Atom Brain" (1955)

9/9/78 - Sat. 2p-5p

"It Came from Beneath the Sea" (1955)

"Before I Hang" (Karloff, 1940)

"It Came..." was always a fun feature.  Karloff unfortunately made a plethora of fantastic crime dramas that barely qualify as horror films.

9/8/79 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Voyage Into Space" (1968)

"Valley of the Dragons"

"Valley/Dragons": There was something I found really cool about this film as a kid and years later when I discovered it was based on Jules Verne’s "Off On a Comet".   I understood why.

- Ed Tucker

8/2/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Night of the Blood Beast" (1958)

"An Angel for Satan" (1966, Italy; Barbara Steele)

"An Angel..." - good selection

8/9/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Doomwatch" (1972)

"The 27th Day" (1957)

I recall seeing a color still from "Doomwatch" in one of my '70s horror movie hardcover books.  Always wanted to see it based on that still!  Never did, though.  I must have missed this on Crea Fea, unfortunately.

8/16/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Track of the Vampire" (1966, William Campbell)

"Sound of Horror" (1965, Italy; Soledad Miranda)

I'm surprised they're referring to the first feature as "Track..." and not "Blood Bath" - what Crea Fea typically called it.  This was one of my favorites.  "Sound..." is an interesting selection.

8/23/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Fabulous Baron Munchausen" (1959, Czechoslovakia)

"Creature with the Atom Brain" (1955)

Typically, I was never thrilled to see "Baron Munchausen", but grew to appreciate it over the years.  The effects were very unique and if I recall, some of the scenes were tinted bizarre colors.

8/30/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Horror of Frankenstein" (1971, Hammer; Ralph Bates)

Only one feature this week; the second pre-empted by football.

9/6/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The X from Outer Space" (1966)

"The Man with 9 Lives" (Karloff, 1940)

9/13/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Living Corpse" (1963)

"Zombies of Mora Tau" (1957)

"Curse..." was one of my favorite Creature Feature films.  It features Roy Scheider in an early role and a decapitated head served on a platter!  Somehow I always managed to miss "Zombies of Mora Tau".

- Andy

9/20/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Gorgon" (1964, Hammer; Cushing/Lee)

"Bride of the Gorilla" (1951, Raymond Burr)

9/27/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Curse of the Swamp Creature" (1966)

"The Brain Eaters" (1958, Leonard Nimoy)

John Agar double-feature!

10/4/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Evil of Frankenstein" (1964, Hammer; Peter Cushing)

"The Projected Man" (1967, Bryant Halliday)

10/11/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Zontar, the Thing from Venus" (1966)

"Attack of the Puppet People" (1958, John Hoyt)

Yet another John Agar double-feature!

10/18/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Eye Creatures" (1965, John Ashley)

"Dinosaurus" (1960)

Larry Buchanan R.I.P. 2004

10/25/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Slaughter of the Vampires" (1961)

"It Conquered the World" (1956, Dir. Roger Corman)

11/1/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Lost Continent" (1968, Hammer)

"Invasion of the Saucer Men" (1957, Frank Gorshin)

11/8/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Kiss of the Tarantula" (1972)

"The Spider" (1958)

A very cool arachnid double-feature!  "Kiss..." was a real treat! 

11/15/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Blood of the Vampire" (1958)

"Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things" (1972)

WOW!!!  "Children..." arrives!!!  One of my faves!  I didn't see this on Crea Fea, but I can just imagine what a thrill this must have been to see on Crea Fea in 1980.  Unreal.  The good titles just keep on coming.  See "The Alien Factor" next entry. 

11/22/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Alien Factor" (1978, Dir. Don Dohler)

"The Electronic Monster" (1958)

I recall seeing the cover of "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazine with one of the creatures from "The Alien Factor" on it, and was hooked.  I do recall seeing this episode.  Unforgettable! 

11/29/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"This Island Earth" (1955, Rex Reason, Faith Domergue)

"The Devil Doll" (1964, Bryant Halliday)

Yet another outstanding double-feature.  "The Devil Doll" is another favorite.  Halliday (also in "The Projected Man") is excellent.  The ventriloquist dummy "Hugo" is the stuff of nightmares! 

12/6/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Flesh Eaters" (1964)

"Beast of Hollow Mountain" (1956, F/X: Willis O' Brien)

Great titles, do not stop!  "The Flesh Eaters" is recognized as one of the first gore films (along with the full-color "Blood Feast").  Although tamer, it featured grisly effects for the time. 

12/13/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1959; Dir. Ed Wood, Lugosi)

"They Saved Hitler's Brain" (1964)

Would you believe my mom is one up on me?  She managed to see "They Saved Hitler's Brain" on late-night TV - and I still haven't seen it yet!  I must have been at the game rooms in 1980. 

12/20/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Die, Monster, Die" (1965, Karloff)

"Varan the Unbelievable" (1962)

Another good double-feature.  "Die..." was based on "The Colour Out of Space" by H.P. Lovecraft. 

12/27/80 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Monster from the Surf" (1965, John Hall)

"Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (1964)

1/3/81 - Sat. 2p-5p

"The Deadly Bees" (1967, Scr: Robert Bloch)

"The Giant Claw" (1957)

9/12/81 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Phantom of the Opera" (Hammer, 1962)

"The Brides of Dracula" (Hammer, 1960)

A notable Hammer double-feature.  Seeing the Herbert Lom version of "Phantom..." always made me want to see the Lon Chaney original, which was typically not available in the days before video.  "Brides..." is a great Hammer vampire classic.

- Andy

9/11/82 - Sat. 2p-5p

"Night of the Giant Monsters" (1966)

"The Eye Creatures" (1968)

I'm guessing "Night of the Giant Monsters" is actually an alternate title for "Gamera vs. Gaos", since most of the action in that film takes place at night, when Gaos (a Rodan-like monster) terrorizes Japan.  If someone can confirm, that would be appreciated.  It may also be "Gamera vs. Barugon" (aka "War of the Monsters") which is officially dated 1966.  "The Eye Creatures" is a wonderfully bad Larry Buchanan remake of "Invasion of the Saucer Men", and a real CF treat.

- Andy

9/10/83 - Sat. Noon

"Mysterious Island" (1961)

"The War in Space" (1978)

"War in Space", a Japanese film, is actually a newer movie (5 years old at the time) to be broadcast on CF, no doubt to capitalize on the success of the "Star Wars" saga and competition from video rental shops, a new concept at the time.  1982 was the year we bought our first VCR.  Note CF airs at noon, not 2pm.

- Andy

5/11/85 - Sat. 1pm(?)

"House on Haunted Hill" (1959; Vincent Price, Dir. W. Castle)) Note: Start time yet to be confirmed.

9/14/85 - Sat. 1pm

"Land of the Minotaur" (1976) Note time change to 1pm and only one featured film.

9/13/86 - Sat. 1pm

"The Demon Planet" (1965)  

9/12/87 - Sat. 1pm

"Slither" ("Slithis" is the correct title, 1978) Note erroneous title; should read "Slithis" or "Spawn of the Slithis" - great movie!

9/15/90 - Sat. Noon

"Raiders of Atlantis" (1983)  

9/14/91 - Sat. Noon

"Legend of the Dinosaurs" (1983)  

9/12/92 - Sat. Noon

"The Man Who Could Cheat Death" (1959)  

9/18/93 - Sat. Noon

"Red Planet Mars" (1952) Here's another movie that eluded me for years.  Finally saw it on AMC.

- Andy

9/18/93 - Sat. Noon

"Diary of a Madman" (Vincent Price, 1963)  

12/3/94 - Sat. Noon

"Terror At London Bridge" (David Hasselhoff, Stephanie Kramer 1985)  

12/10/94 - Sat. Noon

"Gnaw: Food of the Gods, Part 2" (1989)  

12/17/94 - Sat. Noon

"Lost in Time" (1977)  

12/24/94 - Sat. Noon

"Munchies" (Harvey Korman, 1987)  

12/31/94 - Sat. Noon

"Eternal Evil" (Karen Black, 1985)  

1/7/95 - Sat. Noon

"Friday The 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives" (1986)  

1/14/95 - Sat. Noon

"Doctor Blood's Coffin" (1961) I remember Bearer saying,"Next week, our movie is Ghoulies II & you gotta get up before breakfast to see it, 'cause our show moves to 10am (Jan 21,1995).


1/21/95 - Sat. 10am

"Ghoulies II" (Royal Dano, 1986) Channel 44 becomes UPN 44. Show moves from Noon To 10am. WTOG begins Reruns Of Bearers "Bits".


1/28/95 - Sat. 10am

"Theater of Blood" (Vincent Price, 1973)  

2/4/95 - Sat. 10am

"The Wolfen" (Albert Finney, Gregory Hines, 1981)  

2/11/95 - Sat. 10am

"The Gate" (Stephen Doriff, 1987)  

2/18/95 - Sat. 10am

"Graveyard Shift" (1990)  

CREATURE FEATURE - Shows pre-Dr. Paul Bearer

9/9/72 - Sat. 11:30p WTOG Ch. 44

"Bride of Frankenstein"  

SHOCK THEATRE (Winston-Salem, NC) WGHP-TV (ABC affiliate) + Other Bennick & Pre-Bennick Misc. Shows

Before hitting the Tampa Bay airwaves, Dick Bennick was "Count Shockula" on a Winston-Salem, North Carolina ABC affiliate station WGHP-TV.  He portrayed this interesting character from the late 1960's to the early 1970's.  The following database chronicles Count Shockula's shows on that Winston-Salem station.  Thanks to Lonnie Dohlen, Ed Tucker, and  the Crossroads Journal, a Winston-Salem community newspaper, for the info.

10/25/63 - 11:15p 

"The Bride of Frankenstein" (1935; Karloff, Lanchester) Pre-Bennick horror show (not sure if it's Shock Theatre).

6/4/65 - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"The Ghost of Frankenstein" (1944: Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr.) Shock Theatre

6/11/65 - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"The Black Room" (1935, Boris Karloff, Edward Van Sloan)Shock Theatre

8/13/65 - Fri. 11:30p 

"The Man with 9 Lives" (1940, Karloff)Shock Theatre

11/4/65 - Thurs.(?) 11:25p 

"Horror Hotel" (1960, Christopher Lee) WRET Ch. 36.  Note feature starts 5 min. early.  Does NOT feature Bennick/Count Shockula.  Different station.

11/5/65 - Fri. 11:30p 

"The Mad Monster" (1942, George Zucco) Shock Theatre

11/11/65 - Thurs. 11:30p(?) 

"Dungeons of Horror" (1962)Shock Theatre.  A.K.A. "Dungeon of Harrow".

11/12/65 - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"Revenge of the Creature" (1955, Richard Carlson)Shock Theatre.

4/8/67 2:30p & 3:00p 

The Dick Bennick Show

4/15/67 2:30p & 3:00p 

The Dick Bennick Show (2:30p)/"Klassroom Kwiz" (3pm)

11/4/67 - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"Terror is a Man" (1959, Co-Dir. Eddie Romero)Shock Theatre.  First of the "Blood Island" films.

11/11/67 - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"Creature from the Black Lagoon" (1955, Julie Adams)Shock Theatre.

9/21/68 - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"Stranger on the 3rd Floor" (1940, Peter Lorre)Shock Theatre

9/28/68  - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"The Spider" (1958)Shock Theatre

10/19/68  - Sat. 11:30p(?) 

"Revenge of the Zombies" (1943; John Carradine)Shock Theatre

10/26/68  - Sat. 1:00a(?) 

"The Leopard Man" (1943)Shock Theatre

11/2/68  - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"The Terror" (1963; Dir. Roger Corman)Shock Theatre

10/4/69  - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"The Strange Mr. Gregory" (1946)Shock Theatre

10/11/69  - Fri. 11:30p(?) 

"Macumba Love" (1960)Shock Theatre

10/16/69  - Sat. 11:15p(?) 

"Pyro" (1964)Shock Theatre.

10/23/69  - Sat. 11:15p(?) 

"Circus of Horrors" (1960, Donald Pleasence)Shock Theatre.

11/1/69  - Sat. 11:15p(?) 

"Cat Girl" (1957)

"Billy the Kid vs. Dracula" (1966)

Shock Theatre.  Two movies, it seems.

11/8/69  - Sat. 11:15p 

"Black Sunday" (1960)Shock Theatre.

11/15/69  - Sat. 11:15p 

"The Hand" (1960)Shock Theatre.

11/22/69  - Sat. 11:15p 

"Panic in Year Zero" (1962; Ray Milland, Frankie Avalon)Shock Theatre.

11/29/69  - Sat. 11:15p 

"Woman in White" (1948)Shock Theatre.

10/16/71  - Fri.(?) 11:30pm(?) 

"The Blancheville Monster" (1962) Shock Theatre.  Same day WRET Ch. 36 features "Reptilicus" (1962) at 11:30pm.

10/23/71  - Fri.(?) 11:30pm(?) 

"Track of the Vampire" (1966, William Campbell) Shock Theatre.  Same day WRET Ch. 36 features "The Terror" (1963, Dir. Roger Corman).

10/29/71  - Thurs.(?) 11:30pm(?) 

"Attack of the Killer Shrews" (1959) WRET Ch. 36.  Does NOT feature Bennick/Count Shockula.  Different station.

10/30/71  - Fri. 11:30pm(?) 

"Planet of Blood" (1966, John Saxon, Dennis Hopper) Shock Theatre. A.K.A. "Queen of Blood" (also starring Florence Marley as the Queen of Blood - great flick!).  Note: rival network WRET Channel 36 plays the late Larry Buchanan's "The Eye Creatures" the same day. 

11/6/71  - Fri. 1:00am 

"Dr. Terror's House of Horrors" (1965, Peter Cushing) Shock Theatre.  Bumped by NCAA game 

11/13/71  - Fri. 11:30pm 

"Cosmic Monsters" (1959, Forrest Tucker) Shock Theatre

10/28/72  - Time unknown 

"Revenge of Frankenstein" (1958, Hammer; Lee/Cushing)Shock Theatre.  Note: Though Bennick was in Florida in 1972, he freelanced the show to WGHP-TV.

1/6/73  - Sat. Time unknown 

"The Skull" (1965, Hammer; Lee/Cushing)Shock Theatre.  Note: Though Bennick was in Florida in 1972, he freelanced the show to WGHP-TV.

1/13/73  - Sat. Time unknown 

"Crack in the World" (1965, Dana Andrews)Shock Theatre.  Note: Though Bennick was in Florida in 1972, he freelanced the show to WGHP-TV.

9/1/73  - Sat. Time unknown 

"Die, Monster, Die" (1965, Karloff)Shock Theatre.  Note: Though Bennick was in Florida in 1972, he freelanced the show to WGHP-TV.

9/8/73  - Sat. Time unknown 

"Angry Red Planet" (1959)Shock Theatre.  Note: Though Bennick was in Florida in 1972, he freelanced the show to WGHP-TV.

9/15/73  - Sat. Time unknown 

"Battle in Outer Space" (1960)Shock Theatre.  Note: Though Bennick was in Florida in 1972, he freelanced the show to WGHP-TV.

Dick Bennick moves to Florida in November, 1971 (the same year my family did - Andy) 

Dick Bennick hosts Saturday Morning Kiddie Show ("The Dick Bennick Show") until 1967 

Back to Top

FRIGHT THEATER - Shows hosted by Dr. Paul Bearer  WTOG Channel 44

Note: Preceded by "Night Gallery" from 1973 - 1975; "Love American Style" from 1975 - 1976

9/15/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Ghost of Frankenstein"

"The Invisible Man"


9/22/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Creature from the Black Lagoon"

"Cult of the Cobra"


9/29/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"The Mummy" (1932)

"The Leech Woman"


10/6/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"The Wolf Man"

"The Spider Woman Strikes"


10/13/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man"

"The Mole People"


10/20/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"House of Dracula"

"Dracula's Daughter"


10/27/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a


"The Frozen Ghost"


11/3/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a


"Dead Man's Eyes" (Universal's "Inner Sanctum" series starring Lon Chaney Jr.; 1944)


11/10/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Bride of Frankenstein"

"Weird Woman" (Second entry in Universal's "Inner Sanctum" series starring Lon Chaney Jr.; 1944)


11/17/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"House of Frankenstein"

"The Mummy's Ghost"


11/24/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"The Black Cat" (1934; Karloff/Lugosi)

"The Invisible Man's Revenge"


12/1/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

Pre-empted by basketball game(!) 

12/8/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"The Mummy's Hand"

"The Missing Guest" (non-horror)


12/15/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Pillow of Death" (Last entry in Universal's "Inner Sanctum" series starring Lon Chaney Jr.; 1945)

"The Man Who Turned to Stone"


12/22/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"House of Horrors" (1945)

"The Invisible Woman"


12/29/73 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"She-Wolf of London" (1946)

"Mystery of the White Room" (non-horror; 1939)


1/5/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Man-Made Monster"

"Captive Wild Woman"


1/12/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Curse of the Undead"

"The Man Who Cried Wolf"


1/19/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"The Mummy's Curse"

"Calling Dr. Death" (Universal's "Inner Sanctum" series starring Lon Chaney Jr.; 1943)


1/26/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"The Mummy's Tomb"

"The Crime of Dr. Hallet" (non-horror)


2/2/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Werewolf of London"

"Mad Doctor of Market Street" (1941)


2/9/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Tales of Terror"

"The Crimson Canary" (non-horror)


2/17/74 - Sun. 1a-5a

"Gamera vs. Monster X"

"The Black Cat" (probably the '34 version)

Note: "Fright Theater" bumped to 1am due to basketball game.

I can still remember the preview for this exact airing! I wanted to see this film so bad but their was no way my parents would let my 8 year old butt stay up until 1AM. Damn you basketball game!

- Ed Tucker

2/23/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a


"The Thing That Couldn't Die"

"TV Dial" misspells "Konga" as "Kanga"!  Describes Konga as "Spooky" and TTTCD as "Strange"!

3/2/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Billy the Kid vs. Dracula"

"Night Key" (1937, Karloff)


3/9/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Murders in the Rue Morgue"

"The Strange Case of Dr. RX" (1942)


3/16/74 - Sat. 11:30p-3:30a

"Dr. Cyclops"

"The Crosby Case" (horror?)


1/2/76  - Fri. 11:30p

"Dracula's Daughter" (1936)  

1/9/76  - Fri. 11:30p

"Cult of the Cobra" (1955)  

1/16/76  - Fri. 11:30p

"Valley of the Dragons" (1961)  

1/23/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"The Strangler" (1963; Victor Buono) aka "The Cosmic Monster" and "Strange World of Planet X"(!)

1/30/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"The Strange Door" (1951; Karloff, Charles Laughton)  

2/6/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Horror Rises from the Tomb" (Paul Naschy)  

2/13/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Witch" (1966; Richard Johnson)  

2/20/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Hatchet for the Honeymoon" (1970; Spain/Italy; Mario Bava) A surprising feature for FT!

2/27/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Death Smiles on a Murderer" (1972; Klaus Kinski/Dir. Joe D'Amato; Italy) Interesting title.  Quite obscure.

3/5/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Man Who Turned to Stone" (1957; Victor Jory)  

3/12/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Invisible Man's Revenge" (1944; John Carradine)  

3/19/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Scream of Fear" (1961; Christopher Lee)  

3/26/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Magic Serpent" (1966)  

4/2/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster" (1965; James Karen)  

4/9/76 - Sat. 11:30p

FT pre-empted for baseball game  

4/16/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Creature Walks Among Us"  

4/23/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Mummy's Revenge" (1973; Paul Naschy) Thanks for the DVD, Lonnie!

4/30/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Blood Mania" (1970)  

5/7/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Night of the Sorcerers" (1970; Jack Taylor; Italy; Dir. Amondo d' Ossorio) Great title!

5/14/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Dear Dead Delilah" (1972; Agnes Moorehead, Will Geer)  

5/21/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Fury of the Wolfman" (1972; Paul Naschy)  

5/28/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Brain that Wouldn't Die" (1959) A bad movie masterpiece!

6/4/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"The Invisible Ray" (Karloff, 1936)  

6/11/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"The Man Who Reclaimed His Head" (1934, Claude Rains) From my reasearch, this isn't truly a horror/sci-fi film.  IMDB lists it as a "Drama" 

6/18/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Mr. Sardonicus" (1961, Dir. William Castle) The portrait of "Mr. Sardonicus" by Basil Gogos was one of my favorite Famous Monsters of Filmland covers

- Andy

6/25/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Dead Man's Eyes" (1944, Lon Chaney Jr.)  See 11/7/73 FT entry above

7/2/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Circus of Fear" (1967, Christopher Lee)   

7/9/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Tarantula" (1955; John Agar, Leo G. Carrol)  "Tarantula" - a fave!

- Andy

7/17/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" (1964)  

7/23/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Creature from the Black Lagoon" (Richard Carlson, Julie Adams, Ricou Browning)   

7/30/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"It Came from Beneath the Sea" (1955, Faith Domergue)  

8/6/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Frankenstein" (1931; the Karloff classic)  

8/13/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"Night of the Witches" (1970)  

8/20/76 - Fri. 11:30p

"The Deadly Mantis" (1957)  The last Friday night FT show.  FT was moved to Saturday nights, and replaced by "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"!

8/28/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Crucible of Horror" (1970, Michael Gough)   

9/4/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Giant Claw" (1957, Jeff Morrow)  TGC - a great bad movie!

9/11/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Angry Red Planet" (1960)   

9/18/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"20 Million Miles to Earth" (1957, Ray Harryhausen animation)   

9/25/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Mad Magician" (1954, Vincent Price)   

10/2/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Man Who Could Cheat Death" (1959; Hammer, Christopher Lee)   

10/9/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Island of the Lost" (1968; written by Ivan Tors and Richard Carlson; DP was Ricou Browning)  

10/16/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Nightmare" (1963; Hammer)   

10/23/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Stanley" (1972) Florida filmmaker Bill Grefe.

I remember seeing this film for the first time on Fright Theater (and only four years after in swept the movie theaters, not bad). When this film first aired it still had the theatrical “PG” rating card at the beginning so I was just certain is was uncut!

- Ed Tucker

10/30/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Atom-Age Vampire" (1961) Nearly Halloween!

11/7/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Hostage" (1967, John Carradine) I don't believe this was a horror film, but it does star John Carradine, though 

11/13/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Witches Mountain" (1972; Spain, Patty Shepard) An intriguing title; I don't believe I've ever heard of this film.  Time to hunt it down! 

11/20/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Murder Mansion" (1972, Spain/Italy) Another interesting title

11/27/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Vengeance of Fu Manchu" (1968, Christopher Lee) AUGH!  This belongs with "Terror of the Tongs"!

12/4/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Gorgon" (1964; Hammer, Christopher Lee)  

12/11/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Mothra" (1962)  

12/18/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Terror in the Crypt" (1963; Spain/Italy, Christopher Lee)  

12/25/76 - Sat. 11:30p

"Battle Beyond the Sun" (1963)  

1/1/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Voyage Into Space" (1968)  

1/8/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Curse of the Demon" (1957)  

1/8/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Dinosaurus" (1960)  

1/22/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"I, Monster" (1971, Christopher Lee)  

1/29/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Tomb of Ligea" (1965; AIP, Vincent Price, dir. Roger Corman)  

2/5/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Count Dracula" (1970; Chris. Lee, Herbert Lom, Klaus Kinski, Soledad Miranda, dir. Jess Franco) Wow! 

2/12/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"War Gods of the Deep" (1965, Tab Hunter)  

2/19/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Curse of the Werewolf" (1961; Hammer, Oliver Reed)  

2/26/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Valley of Gwangi" (1969; animation by Ray Harryhausen)  

3/5/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"I Married a Monster from Outer Space" (1958)  

3/12/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Mr. Sardonicus" (1961, dir. William Castle)  

3/19/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Valley of the Dragons" (1961)  

3/26/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Attack of the Monsters" (1969; aka "Gamera vs. Guiron")  

4/2/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Monolith Monsters" (1957)  

4/9/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Mark of the Vampire" (1957)  

4/16/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"It Came from Outer Space" (1953)  

4/23/77 - Sat. 11:30p

Pre-empted for "R & B Awards"!  

4/30/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Women of the Prehistoric Planet" (1966, John Agar)  

5/7/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Doomwatch" (1972) Interesting title.  Too bad I was too young at the time to stay up and watch FT.

5/14/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Deadly Bees" (1967; Amicus, dir. Freddie Francis, scr. Robert Bloch) Another good "nature run amuck" title

5/21/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Theatre of Death" (1967; Christopher Lee) Another goodie

5/28/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Most Dangerous Man Alive" (1961)  

6/4/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Masque of the Red Death" (1964; Vincent Price, dir. Roger Corman)  

6/11/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Battle in Outer Space" (1960)  

6/18/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Terror of the Tongs" (1961; Hammer, Christopher Lee)  

6/25/77 - Sat. 11:30p

Show pre-empted to Victor Sports Awards  

7/2/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Gamma People" (1956)  

7/9/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Blanchville Monster" (1962)  

7/16/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Conqueror Worm" (1968, Vincent Price)  

7/2377 - Sat. 11:30p

"Island of Terror" (1967, Peter Cushing)  

7/30/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Island of the Lost" (1968, Richard Carlson, Ricou Browning, dir. Ivan Tors)  

8/6/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Kiss of Evil" (1963; aka "Kiss of the Vampire")  

8/13/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Nightmare" (1964; England)  

8/20/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Paranoiac" (1963; Hammer, Oliver Reed, scr. Jimmy Sangster)  

8/27/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Tales of Terror" (1962; Vincent Price, Peter Lorre)  

9/3/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"I Saw What You Did" (1965; Joan Crawford)  

9/10/77 - Sat. 11:30p

"Terrified" (1963; Denver Pyle - "Uncle Jessie" on "The Dukes of Hazzard") Sadly, the last "Fright Theatre" show.  Replaced by "Sha-Na-Na", SCTV, "The Goodies" (a very funny British comedy along the lines of "Monty Python"), and "Monty Python's Flying Circus"

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SATURDAY NIGHT FRIGHTS - 11:00p WTOG 44 - Hosted by Dr. Paul Bearer

Thanks to Mark Passmore for listing contributions.

Sat. 5/11/85

"The Mummy" In honor of Mother's Day '85!  Unsure if this is the Karloff or Lee version.

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TERMINUS (?) - '60s/'70s Sci-Fi Movie Show  WFLA Channel 8

10/27/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"The Projected Man"  

11/3/73 - Sat. 2p-6p

"Robinson Cruesoe on Mars"

"Journey into Fear" (non-horror?)


11/10/73 - Sat. 2p-6p

"War of the Gargantuas"

"Dangerous Mission" (non-horror)


11/17/73 - Sat. 2p-6p

"Journey to the Center of Time" (1967)

"The Boy with the Green Hair" (Dean Stockwell)


12/8/73 - Sat. 2p-4p


10/29/73 - Sat. 2p-4p

"Curse of the Werewolf" 

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Most people think Dr. Paul Bearer was the Tampa Bay Area's only horror host.  Not so!  In 1959, Ed and Peg Scott, of WTVT 13, hosted the original incarnation of "Shock Theater" for two years, when it ended in 1961.   Horror Host "Shock Armstrong", a forerunner of Dr. Paul Bearer, hosted WTVT Ch. 13's horror show "Shock Theatre" from 9/25/64 to 1969.  Paul Reynolds, an announcer/sports anchor portrayed Shock Armstrong, and left Ch. 13 and moved to Atlanta in 1970.  SHOCK THEATRE continued without Shock Armstrong, however, replacing him with a plastic Frankenstein head (a mask custom-painted by WTVT's art director).  It's interesting to note that Shock Armstrong's Frankenstein mask was actually one of the famous Don Post masks of the '60s designed by Verne Langdon.  The show lasted until 1974.  Shock Theatre aired on Fridays at 11:30p.  Thank you to the fantastic "Big 13" website for the info and images.

9/15/72 - Fri.

"Gamera the Invincible" 

9/14/72 - Fri.

"Conquest of Space"  

2/22/74 - Fri. 

"Red Planet Mars" / "Tower of Terror" 

3/1/74 - Fri.

"Curse of the Mummy's Tomb" / "The Man in Black" (1960) (Horror?) 

3/8/74 - Fri.

"Curse of the Cat People" / "The Human Duplicators" 

3/15/74 - Fri.

"The Lost Missile" (Robert Loggia) / "Behind the Mask" (Karloff, 1932) 

3/22/74 - Fri. 

"The Corpse Vanishes"  / "Ghost Ship" 

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SHRIEK THEATRE - 11:30p Channel 10


"Return of the Vampire"  

2/23/74 -Sat. 11:30pm 

"Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"  

3/2/74 -Sat. 11:30pm 

"Curse of the Living Corpse"  

3/9/74 -Sat. 11:30pm 

"Cry of the Werewolf"  

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"Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Hype" (1980) 


"Blood on Satan's Claw" (1971) Linda Hayden, ba-bee!

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10/20/73 - Sat. 8:30p

"The Six Million Dollar Man" Pilot debuts Channel 10 - WLCY 

10/31/73 - HALLOWEEN!

"Revenge of Frankenstein"

"The Mad Ghoul"

8pm - WTOG Channel 44  
"Mad Monster Party" 4pm - Channel 10 - WLCY  
"Whoever Slew Auntie Roo" (Shelley Winters) 11:30pm - Channel 13 - WTVT 

11/17/73 - Sat. 9p-11p

"The Andromeda Strain" Channel 8 - WFLA 

12/1/73 - Sat. 9p-11p

"Frankenstein - The True Story" Channel 8 - WFLA 

2/2/74 - Sat. 8:30p

"Killdozer" Channel 10 - WLCY 

2/10/74 - Sun.

"Village of the Giants (10am; Ch. 44)

"War-Gods of the Deep" (1p; Ch. 44)

"Dracula" (1973) (11:30p; Ch. 8)


2/23/74 - Fri. - 2p - 5p

"Island of the Burning Doomed" / "Nightmare"Channel 8 - WFLA "Don't Bother" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment)

2/23/74 - Fri. - 8p - 11p

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"Ch. 8 - WFLA 3 hour special

2/24/74 - Sun. 10a

"Journey to the 7th Planet"Ch. 44 - WTOG "Not Much" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment)

2/26/74 - Tue. 8:30p - 10p

"The Killer Bees"Ch.'s 10 & 40 "Strange" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment)

3/1/74 - Fri. 4:30p - 6p

"The Man with the X-Ray Eyes"Ch. 40 "Odd film for Milland" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment)

3/5/74 - Tue. 4:30p - 6p

"Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women"Ch. 40  

3/7/74 - Thurs. 4:30p - 6p

"Zontar - the Thing from Venus"Ch. 40 Early movie

3/8/74 - Fri. 4:30p - 6p

"Return of the Giant Monster" (1964)Ch. 40 "Will you watch?" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment).  Note erroneous title; should read "Return of the Giant MonsterS"

3/9/74 - Sat. 11:30p

"The Blood Beast Terror"Ch. 40  

3/10/74 - Sun. 10a

"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"Ch. 44 - WTOG  

3/11/74 - Mon. 4:30p

"The Giant Gila Monster"Ch. 40  

3/12/74 - Tue. 4:30p

"The Amazing Colossal Man"Ch. 44 - WTOG Note: St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" gives wrong date (1938)

3/12/74 - Tue. 8:30p

"Wonder Woman" (TV Pilot) ? "Far-fetched" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment).

3/13/74 - Wed. 4:30p

"The Day the World Ended" Ch. 40 "Pulp writers score on screen" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment).

3/14/74 -Thurs. 4:30p

"Invasion of the Saucer Men" Ch. 40  

3/14/74 -Thurs. 9p

"Hercules Against Machiste in the Vale of Woe" Ch. 44 - WTOG "Strange" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment).

3/15/74 -Fri. 4:30p

"War of the Colossal Beast" Ch. 40 "No End to Imagination" (odd St. Petersburg Times "TV Dial" comment).

3/20/74 -Tue. 1p

"Strange Fascination" (1952; Hugo Haas) Ch. 44 - WTOG  

3/21/74 -Wed. 8:30p

"The Devil's Daughter" (1973; Shelly Winters) Ch. 10 - WLCY & Ch. 40  

9/13/74 - Fri. 10p

"The Night Stalker" debut episode "The Ripper" (erroneously billed in T.V. Guide as "The Zombie", which would be broadcast one week later). Ch. 10 - WLCY 

9/4/75 - Sat. 1:30p

"Maneater of Hydra" (1966) Ch. 17 - WJKS (Jacksonville) Broadcast on Jacksonville's local Creature Feature-style show featuring a pie-pan flying saucer lifting off over the St. John's River.

9/11/82 - Sat. 2p

FRIGHT THEATER: "Return of the Fly" (1959) Ch. 10 - WTSP (note, call letters changed) Ch. 10 must have adopted the "Fright Theater" title from Ch. 44 and was obviously competing against CF.  Does anyone remember this?

9/8/84 - Sat. 12:30p-3:30p

FRIGHT THEATER: "The Colossus of New York" (1958) / "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" Ch. 10 - WTSP Another Ch. 10 "Fright Theater" double-feature.  Will Moriaty saw these flicks on a rare Saturday off with Greg Van Stavern

9/19/86 - Fri. 11p

FRIGHT THEATER: "The Evil of Frankenstein" (Hammer, 1964) Ch. 10 - WTSP Note time/day change to Friday @ 11pm

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