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PCR #179. (Vol. 4, No. 35) This edition is for the week of August 25--31, 2003.
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Hello, gang! Some news and notes for the week. Shall we begin?

Book Review- "Hot Damn! Alligators In the Casino, Nude Women in the Grass, How Seashells Changed the Course of History and Other Dispatches from Paradise" by James W. Hall
by Will Moriaty
"Freddy vs Jason"
by Mike Smith
"Jeepers Creepers 2" by Mike Smith
Couch Potato Fall TV Preview
 by Vinnie Blesi
"Pillars", Part 2
 by John Lewis
Hey, Andy....Class....I Guess He Hasn't Seen "Nell"....Scary Is As Scary Does....Death On The Mersey
 by Mike Smith
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This is a head's up to old-time moviegoer Andy Lalino and anyone else who fondly remembers the old General Cinema Corporation jingle that accompanied the "Coming Attractions" trailer. This evening I took in a film at the neighborhood AMC Megaplex and was stunned to hear the familiar strains of the GCC theme playing with the trailer for the weekly AMC Family Shows. AMC bought GCC some time ago and I'm glad someone had the good taste and memory to resurrect the classic tune.

The above word is the only way I can think of to describe former baseball star Bobby Bonds, who passed away this past weekend at the age of 57. I was a huge fan of Bonds when I was growing up and when I finally got to meet him he not only showed me what a true gentleman he was, he showed the contrast between a true professional and most of today's modern athletes. During the 1991 National League playoffs, a friend and I drove from Baltimore to Pittsburgh to watch the Pirates play the Braves. After the game, we waited around for the players to leave so we could get some autographs. At about 1230 am, Mr. Bonds came out of the clubhouse area. I immediately recognized him and approached him. I asked him to sign a ball for me and he laughed and asked, "do you even know who I am?" I assured him that I was much older then he thought and that I had been, and still was, a fan. He signed the ball and we talked for several minutes. He asked why we were still there so long after the game ended and we explained that we were waiting for a couple players, including his son, Barry, who hadn't come out yet. As if on cue, Barry Bonds came out. Including my friend and I, there were four of us there who had waited almost 3 hours after the game ended to get Barry Bonds' autograph. Barry said a few words to his dad then walked right past us, not even bothering to acknowledge us. As he walked past me I looked over to Bobby. He returned my gaze and just shook his head. I still have that ball sitting proudly on my shelf. Thank you, Bobby. God bless.

Convicted attempted assassin John Hinckley, Jr has asked a federal judge for permission to leave the hospital he is confined to for unsupervised visits with his parents, including possible overnight stays. According to Hinckley's attorney, Barry Levine, "Mr. Hinckley's psychosis and depression have been in full remission........he does not pose a risk of danger to himself or others now or in the reasonable future." Hey, John. Guess what? YOU'RE NEVER GETTING OUT! People like you, Mark David Chapman, Sirhan Sirhan, Arthur Bremer, Squeaky Fromme and the like will never be released. And it's for your own good, too. How many people do you think would love to take a shot at the fucker who killed John Lennon? Need a hint? The line starts behind me.

Director Paul Schrader has been fired during the post production on "Exorcist 4: The Beginning." According to Variety, the big wigs at the studio felt that there wasn't enough blood and gore in the film, which has already finished filming. Plans now call for producers to hire a new director and re-shoot some scenes.

Tony Jackson
, bass player for the third most popular band to come out of Liverpool, England, passed away Monday at the age of 63. After the Beatles and Freddy and the Pacemakers, Jackson's band, The Searchers, helped lead the British Invasion to America with hits like "Needles and Pins."

Well, it's a holiday weekend coming up so I'm keeping it short. Have a safe and happy time. See ya!

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