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POSTED BY WILLIAM MORIATY, January 23, 2011    Share

Just what happened over the skies and on the grounds of Crestview Elementary School one day in the 1960ís?

Five separate entries of UFO sightings for the state of Florida that appear in the National UFO Reporting Center http://www.nuforc.org/ web site describe an unusual incident occurring at an elementary school sometime between 1966 and 1967 in Opa Locka just north of Miami. This same school is now located in Miami Gardens due to incorporation and subsequent annexation in 2003.

Sometime between March 1966 and June 1967 (November 1966 seems to be the most agreed upon time of the incident as indicated by two of the five entries), unidentified flying objects were alleged to have been seen hovering over the grounds of Crestview Elementary School in Opa Locka, with one of the objects landing on the grounds or closely nearby. Most of the entries in the NUFORC web site were eye witness reports by former pupils who attended the elementary school the day of the incident.

In one report, there were 3 metallic, silent, very smooth and oblong objects. One was hovering over a portable classroom, the second was hovering on a side of the school grounds opposite the portable classroom, and the third was hovering over nearby woods.

It was alleged in this report that by noon of that fateful day, military personnel (possibly members of the Florida National Guard) came to the school and evacuated all of the pupils and faculty. After the evacuation, the objects continued to hover overhead well into the late afternoon and early evening.

A second report was of a second hand nature. A pupil who attend the school in 1971 claimed that their teacher played for their class a 30 to 45 minute long tape of an interview the teacher had made several years earlier about the alleged UFO incident. In the taped interview, the teacher described a UFO landing in an open field north of the school and how a panic of pupils and faculty ensued soon afterward. The arrival of military personnel at the school shortly after the landing was also discussed and that the strange aerial craft was still on the ground as the military made rounds throughout the school grounds to presumably ensure the safe and thorough evacuation of all students and faculty. Several hours afterward, the landed craft finally bolted skyward at blinding speed.

Other teachers came into the classroom while the tape was running and verified that to the best of their own recollections of the day of the incident, that the teacherís story was truthful and accurate.

A third report from yet another former pupil of the school described that one day in November 1966 their teacher ordered their class to be very quiet and to not get up from their seats. After what seemed like an eternity of silence and sitting, military personnel from nearby Homestead Air Force Base were seen walking around outside the classroom. After a thorough walk of the school grounds, the pupils were ordered to evacuate the school and leave for their homes. The pupil said that as they left, they saw a shiny silver disc shaped saucer hovering north over the schoolís playgrounds.

This former pupil was asked by their mother why they were sent home early that day. After hearing the pupilís explanation, the pupilís mother asked a teacher from the school who lived nearby if the story she heard was true. The teacher responded that yes, indeed the stories circulating around the neighborhood by both pupils and other faculty were true, and in addition, that rumors of a craft landing next to one of the schoolís portable classrooms was also true.

Fearing the possible loss of a job, the teacher asked the pupilís mother to not mention their discussion as the teacher was ordered to not talk about the incident to anyone.

A fourth report described a chevron shaped object credited to 1967, but went into no details, only stating to others who reported the incidents that ďI have the information that you are looking for.Ē

A fifth and final report comes from another former pupil who dated the incident as occurring in April 1967.

According to this eye witness, they, along with possibly hundreds of others at the school, saw 3 oval shaped objects emerge from a cloud bank and hover directly over them during recess. Shortly afterwards their teachers gathered the students into line formations and quickly ushered them into the school building.

Two of the smaller of the 3 objects appeared to be dancing around the third larger object which the eye witness described as oval to cigar shaped and as large as a cruise ship. The eye witness allegedly saw the large object land in a field near the school, but did not see where the other objects then went.

This eye witness and all others at the school were ordered to evacuate and go home early. This eye witness, along with several other pupils, rode their bikes to the landing site not long after the object bolted skyward at great speed. Where the object had landed they found an area of charred weeds and grass oval in shape the size of a large boat.

In summary, all but one of five of the reports described the objects as being oval to round in shape and shiny in appearance. Two reports say that 3 craft were involved, and all but two reports stated that at least one craft had landed during the incident. In two of the reports, military personnel were present during the aerial activity, and in all but one report, all pupils and faculty were forced to evacuate the school.

Close to four and a half decades have passed since this incident occurred, and the eye witnesses who told of their unique experience were anywhere from 6 to 12 years of age at the time, making the truthful and accurate accounting of this incident very difficult to verify. These factors make it easy to understand the conflicting information between the five reports (although the report concerning a chevron shaped object is not valid in my opinion).

Several of these reports went on to say that the Miami Herald ran cover stories that the incident was attributed either to a stray weather balloon or by helicopter maneuvers from nearby Homestead Air Force Base accidentally veering off course to a location over or near the school.

Based on some of the common threads found in the four reports, I believe that some type of high strangeness probably did occur at Crestview Elementary School sometime between 1966 and 1967. I further believe that it did involve some type of aerial craft hovering and possibly landing at or nearby the school, and that this activity resulted in the school being evacuated.

Whatever the true cause of this was, however, I havenít a clue.

I find it difficult to believe that the military would evacuate a school over a lost weather balloon (unless some type of top secret or incendiary payload was involved), and I find it even more unbelievable that military exercises involving helicopters would be allowed to occur over a school area while it was fully in session!

Reports of these kinds make me wish that I had the luxury of somehow affording to be a full time investigator so that I could interview the eye witnesses of this incident (presuming that any are able to still be found), as my belief is that if this was indeed a true and authentic incident, it was in all probability, the most significant UFO sighting in Florida history.

"La Floridiana" is ©2011 by William Moriaty. All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2011 by Nolan B. Canova.

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