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POSTED BY VINNIE BLESI, May 31, 2011    Share

"I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing changed. "
George Carlin

We all have seen and experienced change in our lives. From that day at my high school friend's house in the 70's where we played "Pong" for the first time to today with social networking and digital files and dumb smart devices, I have seen technology leap forward in my own lifetime. I can only imagine what our parents and grandparents have experienced over the years. World Wars, TV, color TV, frozen food, astronauts, the microwave oven, it must be challenging and overwhelming.

The Human animal has been especially vigilant in surviving the myriad of new technology that has unhumanized our society into a narcissist race where neighbors are afraid to talk or get to know their neighbors and prefer the anonymous impersonal contact via texting or Facebook. I can barely get my family to take phone calls anymore.

Our true Human spirit does shine, erasing all the false veneer of Chinese made IPad plastic, when tragedy strikes our neighbors. We dig deep into our personal well of humanity and help out.

Speaking from my own personal experience I wish my humanity was as strong and vigilant when it came to personal emotional matters. I have fallen victim to letting major emotional life events tear me down, instead of letting them lead me to an opportunity for growth. Instead of using the microwave oven, I refused and kept heating my food in the oven. Instead of listening to the CD, I continued to listen to vinyl records.

We are resilient beings, whether we believe it or not. And change is happening all the time around us. We may become dismayed that we have no control over it, but we must accept and view it as a growth opportunity.

I miss the old fashion TV dinner that my late mother used to serve us when I was a child with the aluminum cover and bad peas in the vegetable section. But if my late Mother could learn to use a computer and email at age 80, I can certainly do a better job of viewing change as an opportunity not a detriment.

Change is hard. Change is inevitable. The question is what do you do with change? Do you embrace the microwave oven? Do you learn email at 80 years old? Do you take the opportunity to take change by the throat and defeat it and turn it into a victory?

"Death By Culture" is ©2011 by Vinnie Blesi. All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2011 by Nolan B. Canova.

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