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POSTED BY VINNIE BLESI, December 19, 2011    Share

Robert Smith of the Cure has been looking for some reenergizing sound, something to make the Cure relevant once again. Over the past few years, the last two Cure albums just could not live up to Smith's huge catalog of past work.

Robert Smith is well known for firing his band, which he did after the 2004 release, "The Cure". For his next album he brought back previously fired guitarist Porl Thompson, for the disappointing release, 4:13 Dream, in 2008. From the live video I saw, they played to backing tracks, and the new material was not that good.

Now in 2011 he has fired Porl once again, and hired Roger O'Donnell, who has been fired twice from the band, for keyboards. Plus "Fat Bob", I mean Robert Smith, has buried the hatchet with Laurence Tolhurst, former drummer and keyboardist, who once was in The Cure "Purgatory" never to be allowed in The Cure again.

So the new Cure lineup is Robert Smith, Simon Gallop, Jason, Roger O'Donnell, and Lol Tolhurst.

The Cure's new release is a live recording from "The Isle of Wight" Bestival in September. Encompassing an exhausting 32 songs, the profits from the double CD will go to charity. Clocking in at over 2 hours this slimmed down version of The Cure works. Robert Smith has to play all the guitar parts live, which I don't believe has happened since probably the "Faith" tour in the 80's. Smith seems to be much more in tune to the true spirit of The Cure sound playing all the guitar parts. In fact this lineup has gone on to play the first three Cure albums in their entirety live. Maybe a minimal band lineup will wake up Robert Smith's creativity and we will have something new that is good. If not I am happy to live the nostalgia of vintage Cure.

The first CD of "Bestival" is flawless. Starting with amazing versions of "Plainsong" and "Open" and then onto such great songs as "Fascination Street" and "Push". The usual fan faves are included, but I have heard "The Forest" so much it makes me want to burn down forests. I would of preferred "Faith" or "Charlotte Sometimes". Overall the first CD is a well thought out series of songs and great performances.

The second CD grinds(but not a "Grinding Halt) on too long, but that is expected with a 32 song setlist. After a subpar version of "Disintegration", Robert Smith goes into the hit parade and ends the massive set with five songs from the first Cure album.

While I found much of the old material on CD 2 lacking, I still found this the most compelling Cure release in years. Here's to nostalgia and a renewed Robert Smith, we hope.

At the start of the new year, and the end of mankind, in 2012, Nolan B. Canova will step down as editor and "Nolan's Pop Culture Review" will end, although this webpage will continue as "Crazedfanboy.com".

On a personal note I want to thank "ye olde editor" for allowing me to continue to write here, despite any controversy and hardship that has happened. We weathered the storm. If it was not for Nolan's early AOL "Pop Culture Review", I would not of been able to renew a long lost friendship with Nolan. So I toast Mr. Canova, for all he has done to keep this website alive and vibrant. Much love to Nolan, one crazed fanboy!

"Death By Culture" is ©2011 by Vinnie Blesi. All contents of Nolan's Pop Culture Review are ©2011 by Nolan B. Canova.

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