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The Creature Feature Surviving Episodes Database.
Compiled by ED Tucker

As an addendum to the incredible Creature Feature database, several years of research has been done to locate and catalog any and all episodes of the show that could be conclusively confirmed to exist.

Following the untimely death of Dick Bennick, who played Dr. Paul Bearer, in 1995, WTOG 44 either erased or destroyed any episodes of the program in their possession. Fortunately home video recorders were abundant for at least the last decade of the show’s run and some episodes were recorded and preserved by private collectors. Unfortunately, due to the technology available at the time and duplications changing hands, the quality of the surviving episodes ranges anywhere from excellent to marginal.

The following episodes of Creature Feature are complete shows including the movie that was aired that week. In addition, approximately three hours of show segments exist that came from tapes Dick Bennick kept. Several appearances and interviews, including the video tapes used to create “The Lost Interview of Dr. Paul Bearer” also still exist. The host segments and clips used in the 20th Anniversary show that was live from Busch Gardens still survive. Many of these clips were recycled less than two years later for the memorial tribute to Dr. Paul Bearer the Saturday following Dick Bennick’s death. This program marked the official end of Creature Feature and was saved by a number of sources for posterity.

While the episodes below have been confirmed to exist, this is not meant to imply that all of them reside together in a single collection or are available to the general public. For fans interested in obtaining copies of some these shows, eBay is the best source. It is advisable to ask questions of the seller first to be certain of the quality of the transfer prior to purchase. If anyone reading this list has any additional information concerning surviving episodes or related material not cataloged here, please contact us so that we can keep expanding the list.

Atom Age VampireDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Atom Age Vampire (2nd Version)Dr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Attack of the Mushroom PeopleCreature Feature
(Revised Opening)
Battle of the WorldsDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Blob, TheDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
CarrieDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Chamber of HorrorsDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
ChillerDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Critters 2Dr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Devil FishDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Devil's OwnDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Diary of a MadmanDr. Paul Bearer Presents21st Anniversary Show
Dr. Blood's CoffinDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Flight of the Lost BalloonDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Food of the Gods IIDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Forbidden PlanetCreature Feature
(Revised Opening)
Christmas Show
Frankenstein Conquers the WorldDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
From Beyond the GraveDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Gamera vs. BaragonDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Gamera vs. GaosDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Gamera vs. ZigraDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Godzilla Vs. Monster ZeroDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Godzilla Vs. The Cosmic MonsterCreature Feature
(Original Opening)
Graduation DayDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Horror ShowDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
House on Haunted HillCreature Feature
(Original Opening)
Illustrated ManDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Island of the Burning DoomedDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Lake of DraculaDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Lethal GamesDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Loves of DraculaDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
The Man Who Could Cheat DeathDr. Paul Bearer PresentsChristmas Show
MutantDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Night of the Living DeadCreature Feature
(Original Opening)
PandemoniumDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Poltergeist 2Dr. Paul Bearer PresentsLive from Hillsborough County Fair
Red Planet MarsDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Return of the Living DeadSaturday Night Frights 
Sleep of DeathDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
SSSSSSDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Tales of TerrorDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Terror at London BridgeDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
Terror of MechagodzillaCreature Feature
(Revised Opening)
The NestDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
TimewalkerDr. Paul Bearer Presents 
War of the GargantuasDr. Paul Bearer PresentsLive from Specs Records on Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL.

Fan Feedback and Additions               

------POSTED JULY 7, 2006------

Just a note: Channel 40 had a show in the mid-70's on Saturday nights called "Panic Theater." I remember being scared by the Robert Heinlein based film, "The Brain Eaters." I think at the beginning they would say "This is the hour that dogs howl, and evil is let loose upon a sleeping world."

Also, I have several Creature Features on tape from the '70s, including shows with "Plan 9 from Outer Space," "Curse of the Living Corpse," and "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster."

Finally, channel 12 out of West Palm Beach had a Creature Feature show on Saturday nights in the '70s, usually a double feature starting at 11:30 P.M.

"Creature Feature... science fiction, monsters, and occasional terror...and now it's time for Creature Feature." It would end with, "Hope you've enjoyed yourselves...Creature Feature is a presentation of Channel 12."

I know this is not part of the greater Tampa area, but I lived in the middle of the state (Lake Placid) and could get stations from all over Florida with our big tower antenna. A wonderful childhood spent in Florida. I now live in VA.

Bobby Guthrie

Dear Bobby,
Wow, thanks for writing in, those are some cool memories! Sounds like Lake Placid was great for more than just giant alligator movies! You were in an enviable postition to get all those TV stations.

I'm glad you shared some of your childhood memories with us----they are posted on this week's PCR Lettercol and now here on the Creature Feature Database! I really appreciate it.

This new section deals with known existing copies of Creature Feature on VHS from fans...and there ain't a lot to go on, mostly stuff traded on eBay. Stuff from the '70s like you have is exceptionally rare, as VCRs were expensive and not very common yet.

Hang on to those gems! And thanks again for writing.

Yours in fandom,
Nolan B. Canova